Kemin Customer Laboratory Services

Kemin provides ongoing laboratory and analytical support through a dedicated Customer Lab Services (CLS) team. Our experienced scientists support customers in developing new products, troubleshooting stability challenges, and effectively utilizing Kemin products to ensure your final pet food product is shelf-stable, safe, fresh and nutritious for pets.

CLS Pet Food Product Testing Support:

  • Product development assistance

  • Testing to help choose the correct product and application rates

  • Stability testing for shelf-life optimization

  • Palatability testing to improve product flavor

  • Monitoring product quality over time

World-Class Laboratories

Kemin Nutrisurance supports customers from four ISO-accredited labs around the world. Utilizing the most innovative validated methods, we’re able to test and analyze product samples in record time.

Profiles of Pet Food Assurance


"I partner with customers to provide tailored analytical testing at one of our ISO-accredited labs. Our global team is ready to help you troubleshoot challenges and effectively utilize Kemin products."


- Katie Lown, CLS Lab Manager

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