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ALLINSUR™ – Rendering and Pet Food Ingredient Protection

ALLINSUR A – Series for Managing Fat and Oil Risks

Oxidative and microbial deterioration are a threat to both rendered products and finished pet food products. Failure to control oxidation of the fats and oils used in pet food can result in loss of nutritional quality and reduction in palatability. Failure to control microbial deterioration can result in a food safety issue. For this reason, it's very important for renderers and petfood manufacturers to use food safety solutions throughout the supply chain.

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Maximize Post-Extrusion Protection

Any ingredient applied topically to pet food after the extrusion kill step poses a significant risk. Since fats and oils are added post-extrusion, the associated risk should be managed by several methods: good sanitation and hygiene procedures, heating fat to control microbial levels and usage of ingredients like ALLINSUR to provide microbial control. To effectively manage microbial risks, manufacturers should perform complete hazard analyses across their supply chains and enforce preventative measures. 

Preserve Fat Freshness

The ALLINSUR A product line was developed to provide renderers and petfood manufacturers with an effective option for preserving fat freshness by protecting against the autoxidative deterioration of fats and controlling microbial contamination and growth.

Features of ALLINSUR A Series

  • Effective dual action from antioxidant and organic acid
  • Reduces risk of microbial hazards
  • Consumer friendly labeling
  • No observed “scorching” or black spots in fat
  • Neutral impact on palatability

ALLINSUR F – Series for Raw Material Freshness in Rendering

There are significant risks to consider in the management of raw materials like viscera and offal used in the rendering process. Delays in processing can have unintended consequences on both the oxidative and microbial quality of rendered fat and protein. Endogenous or exogenous enzymes (such as lipases or decarboxylase enzymes) can catalyze cellular reactions in viscera and offal, resulting in increased free fatty acid production, biogenic amine accumulation and lipid oxidation by-products. These enzymatic reactions can negatively impact raw material quality and pet food nutrition and palatability. 


Increase Rendering Plant Efficiency

Raw material deterioration can also have important negative consequences on the efficiency of rendering plant operations. If the raw material degrades, it can cause a reduction in the heat transfer ability of the fat, which will require the product to cook longer and result in increased energy costs. The longer resonance time in the cooker increases the level of product fines and decreases the efficiency of the presses. The result is a lower fat yield at the press, producing meal that is difficult to handle.

Maintain Raw Material Quality

The ALLINSUR F product line is a highly effective blend of antioxidants and acidifiers utilized for maintaining the quality of raw materials in the rendering industry. It aids in prolonging the freshness of raw materials by controlling oxidation and microbial degradation. Protecting the quality of raw materials can assist in improving operational efficiency in the rendering plant and produce a more palatable, high quality pet food product.

Features of ALLINSUR F Series

  • Innovative and optimal combination of antioxidant and acidifiers
  • Neutral effect on companion animal palatability
  • Decrease in free fatty acid in animal fats and protein meals
  • Provide effective precooking oxidation management
  • Reduce biogenic amine accumulation in animal protein meals
  • Improve efficiency of rendering operations

Kemin is Your Partner for Freshness Protection

The Kemin Technical Support and Customer Laboratory Service (CLS) teams are your freshness protection partners throughout the entire petfood and rendering manufacturing processes. Our experienced team is available to provide technical advice and laboratory testing support to help you better manage petfood raw materials throughout the entire rendering process.

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