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Specialized Pet Food and Rendering Services

To create a high-quality pet food or rendering product, not only do you need superior ingredients, but you need a partner that understands all phases of the pet food and rendering processes. For decades, Kemin has partnered with many of the world's leading pet food manufacturers and renderers to develop innovative solutions to help control oxidation and maintain freshness, all while delivering superior palatability and nutrition


We Partner with You

Beyond supplying high-quality ingredients, Kemin provides a suite of tailored services for its customers to ensure they're getting the most from their Kemin ingredients. Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team provides efficient product testing, Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) engineers help install accurate application equipment, and our Technical Services team supports everything in between.

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Kemin Research and Exploration

 Improve solution application and reduce time to implementation when you partner with RES early in product innovation.


Customer Lab Services

Dedicated laboratory and analytical support to help you meet end-product goals. 


Technical Services Team

Experienced pet food industry professionals ready to troubleshoot all product situations -- from shelf-life to flavor and nutrition.


Kemin Application Solutions

Highly qualified engineers and technical experts ready to help design and install application systems and train staff how to use them.

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