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RENTERRA™ – Natural Rendering and Pet Food Ingredient Protection

RENTERRA brand products are natural solutions for protecting fats, oils, fresh and frozen meats from microbial and oxidative deterioration. 

RENTERRA A Series – Managing Fat and Oil Risks Naturally

Oxidative and microbial deterioration are a threat to both rendered animal fats and finished pet food products. Failure to control oxidation of the fats and oils used in pet food can result in loss of nutritional quality and reduction in palatability. Failure to control microbial contamination hazards can cause pet safety issues and affect public health due to direct human contact with pet food. For this reason, it's very important for renderers and petfood manufacturers to use food safety solutions throughout the supply chain. 

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Multistep Risk Management

Since fats and oils are added after the extrusion kill step, the associated risk should be managed by several methods: good sanitation and hygiene procedures, heating fat to control microbial levels and usage of ingredients like RENTERRA to provide microbial control. To effectively manage microbial risks, Kemin completes hazard analyses across our customers' supply chains in order to enforce successful preventative measures. 

Natural Microbial Control

The RENTERRA A product line was developed to provide renderers and petfood manufacturers with a natural option for preserving fat freshness by protecting against the autoxidative deterioration of fats and controlling microbial contamination and growth.

Features of RENTERRA A Series

  • Effective dual action antioxidant and organic acid
  • Clean label, natural alternative to synthetics
  • Reduces risk of microbial hazards
  • Consumer friendly labeling
  • No observed “scorching” or black spots in fat
  • Neutral impact on palatability

RENTERRA M Series – Naturally Protecting The Quality of Fresh and Frozen Meats

Premium pet food products are increasingly utilizing higher levels of fresh and frozen meats and meat ingredients. While a valuable source of protein, the high moisture and fat content of meat ingredients create unintended pet food safety risks, including microbial and oxidative spoilage.

Prevent Microbial and Oxidative Deterioration

Meat decay is associated with elevated levels of both pathogenic and nonpathogenic microorganisms, leading to increased levels of biogenic amines and free fatty acids, resulting in a negative impact on palatability. Another risk is lipid oxidation, as both fresh and frozen meats are highly susceptible to oxidative deterioration. Protecting the lipids in meats from oxidation is necessary to maintain the nutritional value and the palatability of pet food ingredients. Protecting both the microbial and oxidative quality of fresh and frozen meat ingredients has an important impact on the quality and performance of finished pet food products.


Natural Meat Preservation

The RENTERRA M product line was developed to provide petfood manufacturers and meat ingredient suppliers with an innovative, natural solution to effectively manage the risks associated with fresh and frozen meats in pet food products. Its unique dual mode of action prolongs the freshness and quality of these materials by reducing biogenic amine formation, controlling microbial degradation and protecting against oxidative deterioration.

Features of RENTERRA M Series

  • Offers a unique dual mode of action to manage both microbial and oxidation risks
  • Provides a natural preservation option for meat based ingredients
  • Manages risks of biogenic amine and free fatty acid formation
  • Extends shelf-life of both meats and pet food products
  • Has positive impact on pet food palatability
  • Innovative approach to improving overall meat quality

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