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PALTEVA™ – Natural Petfood Palatants

Natural pet food, considered a niche market as little as a decade ago, has proved that it has staying power, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR 2013-2018) of 16% for North American petfood launches containing a natural claim. Pet owners investing in natural products are also interested in other common “clean label” claims, such as no grains, allergens, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

For over 25 years, Kemin has provided natural protection from oxidative damage in premium quality pet diets. Kemin can now also provide natural flavor addition to pet diets with PALTEVA – a new line of natural palatants.


Features and Benefits of PALTEVA

  • Formulations in a range of palatability performance categories, including super-premium
  • Naturally-sourced flavor with supporting regulatory documentation
  • Naturally stabilized and preserved
  • Formulations addressing ingredient and origin restrictions and claims
  • Animal-based or plant-based products
  • Backed by quality control standards and verification
  • Supported by technical laboratory and application services

Challenges in Natural Preservation

Providing super-premium flavor with natural ingredients is not the only challenge when designing a natural palatant. Most liquid palatability enhancers on the market are protected from microbial contamination with synthetic ingredients, such as potassium sorbate.

Without natural alternatives to synthetic preservatives, some natural palatant products are not protected at all, resulting in very short shelf life and more demand on the petfood manufacturer to manage inventory. Using Kemin’s expertise in natural petfood preservation, PALTEVA products are naturally protected from microbial contamination and maintain an adequate shelf life.

Figure 1: Palatability Performance of Liquid PALTEVA Palatant vs. a Super Premium Palatant in Canines2

PALTEVA P Series – Plant-Based Palatability

Simplicity and transparency are key trends in the human food and petfood markets. Limited-ingredient diets were initially developed to identify and treat food sensitivities. These diets continue to grow in popularity as consumers look for clean labels and claims for no meat byproducts, allergens, artificial flavors or colors.

The Challenge of Limited Ingredient Diets

Limited-ingredient diets, by design, contain a single source of animal protein, such as salmon, lamb, turkey or duck. While they contain a simple list of ingredients, these diets present a challenge to petfood manufacturers in palatant application. Traditional chicken or pork-based palatants are not compatible with each unique protein diet. To support the claim for a single ingredient, the palatant must be based on the same ingredient. For example, a lamb-based palatant flavors a lamb diet.


PALTEVA P Series Supports Limited Ingredient Diets

The new line of Kemin PALTEVA P Series palatants use plant proteins and Maillard technology to generate aromas and flavors that appeal to pets and are compatible with all animal proteins. PALTEVA P Series palatants provide:

  • Compatibility with limited ingredient, vegetarian and conventional diets
  • Sources of natural vegetarian flavor
  • Comparable performance to meat-based palatants
  • Formulations without allergens including dairy, egg, soy and wheat
  • Flexibility for addressing ingredient restrictions and customer label requirements
  • PALTEVA-plant-animal-puzzle


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