Consumers demand labels that they can easily understand and ingredients they can recognize. Plus, the most effective approach to food safety in meat, poultry, and fish processing facilities is putting multiple hurdles in place. As manufacturers continually look for solutions to keep their products fresh longer, Kemin scientists develop unique alternatives to traditionally used synthetic preservatives, such as sodium lactate, that help keep meat, fish, and poultry products safe and fresh, without negatively impacting taste or texture.

The Kemin line of food safety solutions is based upon buffered vinegar technology. As microbial spoilage determines shelf life, the label-friendly ingredients are designed to protect processed meat, poultry, and fish products from spoilage bacteria; leading to shelf-life extension. The unique ingredient — buffered vinegar — will have no negative effect on quality parameters. BactoCEASE NV Liquid is easy-to-add to brines, marinades, or direct application to processed meat, poultry, and fish. BactoCEASE NV Dry is ideal for adding to spice blends, and can also be added directly to processed meat, poultry and fish products.

Using buffered vinegar to help maintain the safety of enhanced pork loin

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