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Delay Oxidation & Rancidity

Overcome Oxidation in Vegetable Oil Products

Challenge: Increasing shelf life of frying vegetable oils and increase shelf life of fried end product

Solution: FORTIUM™ TG20 or FORTIUM™ RG20

Typical applications: Fried Tortilla Chips (Sunflower, High Oleic sunflower & palm oil)

Bottles of Oil

Deep frying is a widely adopted cooking method at home as well as on a commercial scale, used to enhance the organoleptic properties of food. Through frying, the chemical properties of the food product change, impacting the shelf life of both the frying medium and fried end product.

Kemin understands the increased nutritional, health, and environmental awareness of consumers and food processors, shifting towards the use of unsaturated vegetable oils (eg: sunflower oils). However, unsaturated oils with a shorter chain of fatty acids than saturated oxidize more quickly. Hence, Kemin natural antioxidant blends that contain Tocopherol-rich extract or Rosemary extracts are effective in delaying lipid oxidative, rancidity, and undesirable off-flavors.

Based on our research, we found that Kemin's FORTIUM™ TG20 Liquid or FORTIUM™ RG20 Natural Flavors significantly increase the oxidative stability of the palm oil and (high oleic) sunflower oil. In addition, the tortillas fried using high-oleic sunflower oil show a significant increase in oxidative stability, highly comparable to the peroxide values of the tortillas fried using palm oil. This means the results show an increase in finished fried product shelf life, leading to the potential for adoption in various extruded frying applications.

Discover longer shelf life potential for your fried products through Kemin's antioxidation solutions.

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