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Kemin is a one-stop shop for your meat and poultry solutions, with the ability to offer both shelf life extension and food safety options to meat and poultry manufacturers. We can help you solve your color,  flavor and microbial challenges right here, and offer guidance on best point of application. 



Let Kemin Solve Your Color, Freshness & Food Safety Challenges

Kemin understands proteins—and how different processing techniques and packaging affect them—when determining, which shelf life ingredients to use. We offer solutions that are tailored to individual customer needs, from simple solutions to more complex blends, with a highly experienced technical team who understands the synergies of these ingredients. We can help you solve your colorflavor, and microbial challenges right here, and offer guidance on the best point of application - whether applying directly to the meat formula or adding through your seasoning or spice blend.

In the increasingly competitive meat and poultry marketplace, solutions to your processing concerns have never been more important. As the rising cost of meat production continues to narrow profit margins, it’s crucial to make the best choice when it comes to processing solutions. The increased consumer demand in the highly competitive protein market also requires effective solutions to help protect and increase your profitability.

You can trust Kemin to deliver the difference you need for your product to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace.

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Our Research and Development (R&D) team uses formulation technology to determine the optimal and most cost-efficient inclusion rate in each meat matrix. Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing, using a combination of analytical techniques and accelerated oxidation tests to provide customized shelf life solutions.

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