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Oil-Soluble Green Tea Extract

As consumer preferences begin to shift away from chemically sounding ingredients, consumers are looking to purchase and consume foods made with ingredients that come from natural sources. For food manufacturers, this means finding replacements for traditionally used synthetic ingredients. When it comes to finding an alternative, Kemin’s oil-soluble green tea extract is an ideal alternative for delaying oxidation that causes rancidity.

GT-FORT™ is Kemin's line of plant extracts for fats and oils that can be used as an alternative to traditional tocopherols and replacement to conventional synthetic antioxidants such as Tertiary-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). It is suitable for oils, snack food, and bakery products as well as sauces and dressings.

GT-FORT™ oil-soluble green tea extract significantly delays lipid oxidation and lengthens the shelf life of food. With GT-FORT™, manufacturers can benefit from a label-friendly option that will not negatively impact sensory attributes, is heat stable, and does not precipitate in the oil. GT-FORT™ combines the benefits of oil solubility with the antioxidant properties of traditional green tea extract.

GT-FORT™ contains catechin esters that have been shown to extend shelf life in a variety of food applications by slowing the development of oxidative by-products in fats and oils, emulsions, and other high aqueous foods.

GT-FORT Antioxidant For Oils, Bakery, Snacks & Sauces
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