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VALTEQ™ Series

Instant Noodle Quality, Mouthfeel & Shelf-Life Enhancement Technology

Instant noodles are one of the most internationally recognized food products consumed across several developing and developed countries. Convenience, taste, nutrition, and affordable price contribute to its increasing popularity among consumers. Kemin Food Technology Asia's latest innovation helps food manufacturers achieve that desired slurp, texture, and shelf life while increasing production efficiency. This contributes to a larger quantity output, maximizing profits and reducing unnecessary waste.

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Better Noodles

Improved texture and oxidative stability means consumers get to enjoy quality noodles with a great taste experience and you will gain an excellent brand reputation.


Reducing Waste

Anti-sticky function prevents noodle cakes from sticking to their molds, reducing waste and increasing user-friendliness.


Efficient Production

Producing a greater quantity of noodles, increasing production efficiency and quality, maximizing profits, and satisfying consumers at the same time

Ingredients That Elevate Your Instant Noodle Experience

VALTEQ™ T Liquid

A high-quality emulsifier system to improve noodle texture, providing consumers a sought-after bounce as well as a smoother and chewier mouthfeel.


An enhanced emulsifier protected with antioxidants preventing instant noodles from sticking together during consumption and production.


An all-in-one antioxidant and emulsifier blend to protect noodles from oxidative rancidity as well from stickiness to the production mold, offering an all-round noodle protection system and overall better noodle quality.


VALTEQ™ T Liquid

Texture Imrpover


Anti-stickiness Technology


Noodle Cake Specialized Antioxidant

Noodle Type All Types of Noodles Air/ freeze-dried Noodles All Types of Noodles
Texture Excellent Good Good
Anti-sticky - Excellent Good
Oxidation Control - - Excellent
Water Soluble Yes Yes Yes

*Please get in touch with our team to understand which products suit your needs better.

VALTEQ™ Series

Enhances a smooth noodle texture by providing a sought-after bounce and chewy mouthfeel. The innovative emulsifier system accelerates the hydration process of instant noodles, shortening the noodle soaking time. 
  • Accelerates the starch gelatinization
  • Shortens the cooking/ soaking time by at least 20%
  • Improves smoothness 
  • Provides a soft and elastic texture
  • Improves ductility of the noodle dough

Click HERE to download VALTEQ™ T Liquid Technical Literature.

*VALTEQ™ T Liquid is also a great Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP) alternative. For more information, please reach out to our team.

Emulsifier blend protected with antioxidants designed to provide an anti-sticky effect during processing, cooking, and serving. The product can be applied in air and freeze-dried noodles to improve quality and overall eating experience.
  • Emulsifier system reduces surface tension at the oil-water interface, separating the two, reducing stickiness
  • Decreased clumping, ensuring even water absorption during cooking
  • Improved smoothness, softness, and elasticity
  • Freeze-dried and air-dried noodles

Click HERE to download VALTEQ™ AS Liquid Technical Literature.


Natural antioxidant and emulsifier blend is your all-in-one solution for noodle quality. The natural antioxidant combination consists of antioxidants and emulsifiers to offer you a very effective oxidation control solution to extend shelf life and anti-sticky protection from the production mold.
  • Water-soluble antioxidants added into noodle cake
  • Protection against rancidity
  • The emulsifier system reduces surface tension at the oil-water interface, separating the two, reducing stickiness to the production mold
  • Improves the smoothness of instant noodles
  • Provides a soft and elastic texture
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