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Retain Color & Freshness

Visual Appeal of Beverage Products

Challenge: Retaining natural colors from browning and/or fading over time

Solution: FORTRA™ 101 Dry

Typical applications: Fruit punch

Natural colors have been growing in popularity for various food applications, namely in the beverage segment. However, they tend to experience more problems with stability than synthetic dyes. For instance, anthocyanin, a group of natural colorants that exist in large quantities in plants and fruits, tends to experience browning or fading over time, especially under light exposure.

Beverages - Did you know

Kemin's water-soluble spearmint extract contains Rosmarinic acid, a free radical scavenger that protects anthocyanin from oxidation. Based on our study, FORTRA™ 101 Dry has been shown to slow the color degradation of sweet potato anthocyanin in an acidic fruit punch beverage. Higher doses of FORTRA™ 101 Dry had a more significant effect on color preservation.

Figure 1. Color degradation of sweet potato anthocyanin in a fruit punch beverage over time

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