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Delay Oxidation & Rancidity

Protection Against Oxidation & Rancidity for Instant Noodle Products

Challenge: Extend the shelf-life of fried instant noodles cakes from 6 months to 9 - 12 months

Solution: NaturFORT™ TRLG 101 Liquid

Typical Applications: Fried Instant Noodle Cakes

Instant Noodle - Did you know

Instant noodles are convenience food, where the noodle cakes are precooked and dried, and all consumers need is to add boiling water to enjoy a warm meal. It is a popular food in many countries. A typical packet of instant noodles contains noodle cake and seasoning packets. Rancidity, flavor change, and texture degradation occur when oxygen reacts to food products, in this case, fried instant noodles cakes.

Kemin's synergistic blend of mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, and lipid-soluble green tea extract benefit fried instant noodles cake by:

  • Increasing oxidative stability
  • Improving the quality of fried shortening
  • Extending shelf-life
  • Delaying rancidity

Looking to achieve longer shelf-life and prevent rancidity in your instant noodles?

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