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Maintain Color & Visual Appeal

Clean-label Approach to Flavor & Color Protection for Salad Dressing Products

Challenge: Delay oxidation, color and flavor changes

Solution: GT-FORT™

Typical applications: Ranch Dressing

Delicious creamy vinaigrette and cottage cheese sauce in a ceramic dish with a cucumber crudites or baton for a healthy snack or appetizer on grey slate with copyspace

Emulsions such as salad dressings are highly susceptible to oxidation due to the high surface area found between the lipid-water interface and bulk oils. This results in high interaction in the lipid molecules of dressing with air and moisture, promoting oxidation. Controlling this oxidation is imperative to preserve the taste, color, and shelf-life of the dressing.

Kemin has developed an oil-soluble green tea extract, a viable alternative to EDTA in ranch dressing. Oil-soluble green tea extract allows food manufacturers to replace synthetics in their food products, minimizing the need for multiple ingredients and still having comparable shelf-life while allowing the manufacturer to meet consumer demands.

Based on the ranch dressing study, Kemin's solution has shown to address the following:

  • Flavors and odor issue
  • Color changes
  • Shelf-life challenges

Looking for a clean-label approach to flavor and color protection?

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