Antioxidants in Action


It’s widely accepted that consumers shop and eat with their eyes, so it makes sense that products should present the freshest looking, most appealing appearance and color possible.

Oxidation is the Enemy

Oxidation, a chain reaction that occurs in the presence of oxygen, is responsible for the deterioration in the quality of food products, including off-flavors and off-odors. It is affected by processing, packaging and storing methods, as well as product ingredients. Watch this short video to see how oxidation impacts meat and poultry applications.

What are Antioxidants?

Simply put, antioxidants are molecules that

  • Significantly delay or prevent oxidation
  • Help maintain fresh appearance and color
  • Lengthen shelf-life

How Do They Work?

Antioxidants delay the onset of oxidation by donating hydrogen atoms to quench free radicals, forming a stable antioxidant radical that is unable to participate in propagation reactions, slowing down oxidation.


Antioxidant Mode of Action

Antioxidant Experts

That’s where we come in. At Kemin, our experienced technical team uses their extensive know-how to develop solutions that positively affect shelf life. We understand the synergies of ingredient behaviors, and know that ingredient adjustments, vs. processing or packaging changes, are the most cost-effective method to delay oxidation. We offer simple solutions—as well as unique blends for higher antioxidant levels with fewer sensory problems—to help solve your color and flavor challenges, so you can get your product to market and keep it fresher, longer.

Oxidation Control Solutions

Rosemary Extract

Green Tea Extract

Spearmint Extract

Acerola Extract


Plant Extract Blends

Synthetic Phenolics