Consumers prioritize immune health. 

U.S. and global surveys show consumers recognize the importance of a strong immune system to overall health and wellness, as well as maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle1.  Given algae-enriched foods, beverages and supplements are one of the fastest growing product categories2, along with consumers’ interest in their immune heath, the BetaVia immune ingredients are ideal for immunity formulations.  Understanding consumer preferences support your finished product’s success in the market. Ask us about the consumer surveys, tools and marketing concepts that are science-based and may be adapted based on the global regulatory landscape to help you understand your target consumer.


Patented algae production process is a sustainable and innovative approach to sourcing effective immune nutritional ingredients.

BetaVia has a high concentration of unique algae-sourced beta 1,3 glucans available for high effectiveness in supporting the innate immune system. Kemin’s BetaVia ingredients are sourced from proprietary Euglena gracilis algae. Both are made through a patented and sustainable fermentation process utilizing fermentation tanks in accordance with current and applicable Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure quality and consistency.  This plant-based ingredient supports the immune system making them stand apart from other immune support ingredients. 


BetaVia Complete

BetaVia Complete is a dried whole algae fermentate nutritionally-rich with a composition of greater than 50% beta 1,3 glucans, protein (>15%), fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids.6-10

  • Naturally supports immune health
  • Trains the body’s natural defenses
  • May support digestive tract health
  • Supports respiratory tract health

Triple-Action Protection

  • Primes key immune cells
  • Fuels “healthy” gut bacteria
  • Protects intestinal barrier integrity


BVC Triple-Action Protection: primes key immune cells, fuels healthy gut bacteria, protects intestinal barrier integrity
betavia pure

BetaVia Pure is a more concentrated algae-sourced beta glucan with greater than 95% beta 1,3 glucans in a dietary ingredient that supports the immune system while helping to protect against oxidative stress. 11-21

  • Support for a healthy immune system
  • Encourages optimal immune function
  • May protect against oxidative stress


Consumers are looking for quality ingredients with proven safety and efficacy for immune health. The suggested immune benefits supported by science help build trust in our ingredients.

Formulation and Innovation to boost immune products

Successfully formulated into a variety of finished products including functional foods, beverages, and supplements as well as prototype products developed by Kemin. Complement with other ingredients for immune support for competitive advantage and differentiate in the market.  In some formulations, slight flavors or aromas are easily masked.

Foods • Beverages and Beverage Bases • Supplements


BetaVia ingredients are natural and safe immune supporting ingredients with an established regulatory status on a global basis.

GRAS, Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Allergen free, GMO-free, naturally and sustainably-sourced

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Boosting Immunity with BetaVia Complete

What is Beta Glucan?

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