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Converting Corn Kernel Fiber

Cellulase liberates fermentable sugars from cellulose during fermentation, increasing ethanol production and releasing corn oil that had been bound in the fiber. Studies show ZYLOCELL cellulase increases ethanol yield between 1 and 3%, giving you the opportunity to apply for cellulosic ethanol credits.

A concentrated dry product, ZYLOCELL stores compactly and requires no refrigeration. ZYLOCELL’s dry powder is supplied in water-soluble bags that eliminate safety hazards from dust and are easy to incorporate at the desired dose. Kemin’s technical service team will help you optimize the dosage of the enzyme.

ZYLOCELL cellulase for corn kernel fiber:

  • Increases ethanol yields 1-3%
  • Decreases viscosity
  • Concentrated dry powder for easy handling and accurate dosing
  • 12-month stability for longer shelf life without refrigeration
  • Add cellulosic ethanol to the bottom line 

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