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ZyloZyme® GA

Glucoamylase for Improved Fermentation During Ethanol Production

 ZyloZyme® GA is a highly active, non-GMO glucoamylase specifically formulated for the fermentation process in bioethanol production. Developed using Aspergillus niger, ZyloZyme GA efficiently releases glucose from dextrins during fermentation. This glucose serves as a vital substrate for yeast, enabling them to produce ethanol effectively. ZyloZyme GA is recommended for use at low doses, typically ranging from 0.024% to 0.03% of weight enzyme/weight of dry corn.* 


  • Liquid formulation
  • Single enzymes packaging 
  • AAFCO Table 30.1
  • Non-GMO 


*Actual dose will depend on processing parameters and desired results.

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