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The enzyme alpha amylase is used by the bioethanol industry during the liquefaction stage to hydrolyze starches found in corn from long chains to shorter chains known as dextrins. The  ZyloZyme™ AA is a highly active, non-GMO, alpha-amylase produced from Bacillus subtilis for use in the production of ethanol by fermentation.

For ethanol plants interested in the flexibility to optimize its production with a stand-alone and cost-effective Alpha-amylase, ZyloZyme™ AA  is a specialized enzyme allowing plants to fine tune the amount used to break down starch, reduce viscosity and improve production output.

Benefits Include:

  • High liquefaction temperature stability
  • Generates high dextrose equivalents
  • Reduces viscosity
  • Non-GMO
  • AAFCO Table 30.1

Top yeast performance requires ample nutrition, with biologically available free amino nitrogen (FAN) being one of the most important.1 Plant feedstocks, while containing protein, lack sufficient FAN to meet the protein requirement of yeast. Thus, external nitrogen sources such as urea and ammonia are used to provide adequate nitrogen during fermentation.

Kemin’s unique fungal acid protease, ZyloPro, provides yeast nutrition and can reduce urea requirements to optimize yeast performance and increase the profitability of your ethanol plant.

ZyloPro protease is a highly active enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins in the feedstock itself to continually release FAN to boost yeast growth during fermentation, thus reducing urea use.

Kemin provides tailored customer lab services and technical expertise to help you maximize the value of your ingredients. By helping you identify the most efficient application rate of our stand alone ZyloPro protease, we can ensure you’re getting the maximum value from your enzymes.

ZyloPro is an economical supplemental enzyme:

  • Improves yeast performance
  • Offsets urea additions
  • Concentrated liquid
  • Effective at typical fermentation parameters
  • Non-GMO and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
  • Available in totes for ease of handling and storage
  • Increase the profitability of your plant 

Cellulase liberates fermentable sugars from cellulose during fermentation, increasing ethanol production and releasing corn oil that had been bound in the fiber. Studies show ZyloCell cellulase increases ethanol yield between 1 and 3%, giving you the opportunity to apply for cellulosic ethanol credits.

A concentrated dry product, ZyloCell stores compactly and requires no refrigeration. ZyloCell’s dry powder is supplied in water soluble bags that eliminate safety hazards from dust and are easy to incorporate at the desired dose. Kemin’s technical service team will help you optimize the dosage of the enzyme.

ZyloCell cellulase for corn kernel fiber:

  • Increases ethanol yields 1-3%
  • Decreases viscosity
  • Concentrated dry powder for easy handling and accurate dosing
  • 12-month stability for longer shelf life without refrigeration
  • Add cellulosic ethanol to the bottom line 

FermSAVER* is a tea extract for use during yeast fermentation.  FermSAVER was developed to help reduce stress when yeast are exposed to excess heat generated during the summer months when chiller efficiency is low.  FermSAVER has been shown to increase ethanol production during heat stress compared to yeast without FermSAVER supplementation.

* Patent Pending

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  1. Ingledew, M., Nutrition of Yeasts, in The Alcohol Textbook, D. Kelsall, G. Austin, and C. Kluhspies, Editors. 2017. p. 108-109.

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