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Antimicrobial Products for the food processing industry

Foodborne pathogens are a primary concern for the food processing industry.  Controlling these pathogens is a critical part of a food processor’s hazard plan.  OXINE® FP and PRO-OXINE® FP are highly refined blends of oxychloro species containing purified sodium chlorite that when activated, produce chlorine dioxide.

As a global leader in antimicrobial solutions, it is our mission at Kemin to provide disinfection solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of the food processing industries.

Key Features

  • Two convenient chlorine dioxide concentrations: 2% (OXINE) and 5% (PRO-OXINE)
  • Water-soluble, stable solution
  • Effective over a broad pH range (1-10)
  • EPA toxicity category III
  • Low corrosion potential
  • Fast acting, preventing pathogen resistance from developing


  • Disinfection of poultry, fish, and meat processing plants, restaurants, dairies, bottling plants, and breweries:
    • Terminal sanitizing rinse for stainless steel and other hard, nonporous food contact surfaces
    • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Control build-up and slime forming bacteria in:
    • Transfer lines, hydro-coolers, and pasteurizers
    • Cooling and warming waters
    • Water filtration systems, sand beds, gravel beds, and charcoal filters
    • Process water for vegetable and fruit rinses and associated tanks, flumes, and lines
    • Stored potable water
    • Ice making plants and machinery
  • Enhance the taste of stored potable water
  • Lube additive on moving conveyers and chains in food processing facilities

OXINE FP and PRO-OXINE FP can be applied manually or are offered with a variety of user-friendly, cost-effective application systems that are safe and eliminate the need for manual mixing. Test kits are also available to conveniently monitor concentrations of OXINE and PRO-OXINE. Our Kemin Application Solutions team works with you to develop application solutions to provide support to ensure our liquid product are applied safely, accurately, and efficaciously. The Kemin Customer Laboratory Services team provides dedicated laboratory and analytical support to ensure Kemin ingredients meet your performance goals.  

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