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How to Solve Your Food Brand's Fresher, Safer, Longer Challenges

Posted December 13, 2023

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), 57% of Americans are concerned about food waste.Kemin has the solutions food manufacturers need to appeal to consumers' concerns by offering a wide range of solutions that help to extend shelf life and, therefore, help reduce waste. You can solve your color, flavor, safety, quality and yield challenges that threaten your food products, every day. How? With our decades of food technology expertise and an entire suite of oxidation control, food safety, textural quality and yield enhancement solutions. 

Captivating Color & Flavor

Of course, taste is the number one priority for food consumers. But, did you know they 'shop and eat with their eyes'? Appealing color signifies freshness and flavor to them, particularly when purchasing meat and poultry products. 

Oxidation is the enemy of a variety of food products, especially when it comes to color and flavor. Our technical team of antioxidant experts uses their extensive know-how to develop antioxidant solutions that protect all-important color and flavor to help extend shelf life and, therefore, reduce food waste. They use their understanding of how ingredients, processing and packaging work together to help deliver the most cost-effective methods to delay oxidation. 

Keeping Products Safe on the Shelf

Food safety has taken on even greater importance across the globe, in today’s health-challenged and value-conscious times. Safer food means less food waste and a more resilient food industry.

Microbial spoilage is often a major factor affecting the shelf life of food products. Kemin helps keep your food products fresher, safer, longer—with our lines of value-added antimicrobials and mold-inhibiting products, accompanied by our extensive technical expertise.

Improve Quality & Yield in Meat & Poultry


Right behind taste, texture plays a big role in how consumers perceive food quality, so it’s important to ensure your product meets the desired sensory and textural attributes, as well as shelf life.

To consumers, meat or poultry products that aren’t juicy and flavorful are a waste of time and money. It can be a challenge to ensure that the quality attributes of your products can withstand abusive cooking techniques—at home or in foodservice settings. Moisture retention and yield enhancement are essential to offering the high-quality protein products that lead to your brand’s success. Kemin patented, clean label Proteus® solution brings it all together, for a better eating experience…and a better ROI. 

Improve Quality of Baked Goods 

Achieving the appropriate moisture level—and monitoring chemical and enzymatic reactions in baked goods—is crucial to meeting shelf life and quality goals such as the texture, color, flavor and aroma of your baked good product. At Kemin, we work with you to help create the ideal formulation that meets your processing demands, while also retaining your product’s textural quality over its entire shelf life.

Which solution do you need? Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team will help solve your challenge, with customized shelf life solutions that meet today’s consumer demand for appealing, fresh and safe foods. 

Want to Solve Your Freshness, Quality, and Shelf Life Challenges?