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The Journey to Sustainability

Posted December 18, 2020

We developed a long-term relationship with one of our customers, mentoring them along their brand’s journey to making a critical decision regarding their processed meat offerings. By combining forces, we helped them achieve more competitive positioning with clean label, better-for-you, free-from and organic labeling opportunities—and the higher margins they can command—using our certified sustainable rosemary extract-based food protection solutions.

Building knowledge and relationships, one step at a time

We admit it. We’re pretty excited about our Certified Sustainably Grown Rosemary and share the story of its vertically integrated supply chain, every chance we get. After our customer had heard the story a few times, they wanted to see it for themselves. So, we arranged a visit for some of their teams to tour several of our domestic rosemary fields, located in Texas and New Mexico.

Meeting the growers—and growing their business

Their R&D, procurement and antioxidant specialists were great students, meeting with individual rosemary farmers and asking long lists of questions:

  • Tell us about your agri-related practices.
  • Why are you growing rosemary?
  • Why are you growing for Kemin?
  • How much of the leaf do you take off of the plant?
  • Have there been economic benefits for your community?

And yes, some even got to ride on a combine to experience the harvesting of the rosemary leaves.

Seeing is believing

After their questions were answered, our customers shared their own excitement about our sustainable rosemary story throughout their own company. They saw the benefit of differentiating their brand and growing their business, via our sustainable rosemary extract-based ingredients. They saw that they could further diversify their product lines, using rosemary’s antioxidant capabilities to help them offer products that are:

  • Clean label
  • Better for you
  • Organic
  • Free from

Now, they also have the opportunity to promote their sustainability partners and practices as part of their brand differentiation.

What I’m most proud of:

I’m very proud that we have the ability to give our customers exactly what they need, in order for them to make critical decisions. I’m also proud of the foresight our company has shown, by committing to the lengthy rosemary production process.

Sustaining customers’ business, sustaining the world

Nothing satisfies us more than the ability to fulfill—and share—our customers’ sustainability efforts and goals. We are proud that our crops bring economic benefits to communities, and so are our customers, who share in bringing more diverse crops and new jobs into small rural communities. 

John Goetz Headshot

John Goetz - Key Account Manager