Natural Broad-Spectrum Preservative

The Story

Cosmetic products can become easily contaminated with bacteria, fungi, or micro-organisms. Because safety and microbiological integrity are primary elements of product quality, preservatives are included in cosmetic formulations to prevent and protect the products from contamination by micro-organisms present in the air, water, and on our own skin and to ensure that products remain safe for use over a long period of time.

MicroCurb OC is a steam distilled extract of Oregano leaves with powerful preservative properties that protect against a range of bacteria including Salmonella and E. coli.

At Kemin, we are focused on molecules. Through years of research and in partnership with science, nature, and family farmers, Kemin designed the perfect proprietary lines of oregano plants to manufacture beneficial molecules with a consistent accumulation of targeted actives and with highest quality. To have complete control of the entire process from plant breeding to final natural extract, the experts of Kemin Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) used the most advanced, sophisticated, and sustainable plant science program of conventional plant breeding, screening, testing, local growing, and extraction.

MicroCurb OC is the ideal natural alternative for those who desire effective replacement for parabens or phenoxyethanol.

INCI name

Caprylic Acid (and) Origanum vulgare Leaf Extract 

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Plant Source

  • Origanum vulgare
  • Made in the United States
  • Vertically integrated
  • Non-GMO

Key Features

  • Broad spectrum preservative against microbial contamination
  • Standardized extract: reproducible performance
  • Efficacious against bacteria (gram+/-), yeast and mold.
  • Effective alternative to parabens or phenoxyethanol.
  • Easy to use
  • Paraben-free

Regulatory Status/Certification  Ecocert COSMOS logo

  • Widely approved. Contact us for complete list of approved countries
  • Ecocert® and Cosmos® approved*

Please note that certain statements, product labeling and claims may differ by geography or as required by government requirements
*ECOCERT® is a registered trademark of ECOCERT Greenlife | COSMOS® is a registered trademark of the COSMOS-standard AISBL

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