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Specialty Crop Solutions

Reach the Full Potential of Your Crop with Kemin

Kemin Crop Technologies partners with commercial growers to provide innovative plant technologies and expert advice. Our biological products help growers overcome agricultural challenges, ensure healthy plant growth and improve crop productivity and yield, achieving optimal results. 

Our products include botanical oil-based crop protection solutions and plant growth technologies with naturally derived active ingredients from our scientifically-advanced plant lines.

We are committed to sustainable, science-based solutions that help growers meet their goals and overcome ever-changing agricultural challenges.

Our Specialty Crop Solutions


Crop Protection

Experience our botanical oil-based biopesticides designed to safely prevent or control pests year-round without disrupting labor activity and phytotoxicity.


Crop Nutrition

Grow thriving crops with our organic fertilizer that primes soil with essential nutrients to enhance plant growth. 

  • Valena™ - OMRI-Listed® Fertilizer
  • Valena FLOW - Foliar applied Plant Growth Technologies (coming soon)!

Enhance Crop Performance and Profitability

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