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Product Trial Data

Explore our comprehensive trial data to see how our product solutions perform on crops like yours. 

Our trials target key pests on specialty crops like strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, hop, and hemp, and span climates including California, Florida, and Washington. Visit the trial resource page for each product to see a full list of studies available.


TetraCURB™ MAX  is a botanical oil-based biopesticide enriched with our proprietary blends of rosemary, peppermint, clove, and castor oil.

See how TetraCURB MAX effectively targets pests on lettuce, strawberries, sweet oranges, hemp, azaleas, and coleus.

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PathoCURB™ is a thyme oil-based fungicide and bactericide concentrate that effectively prevents and/or cures a broad range of foliar pathogens on commercial plants and crops.

Discover the success rates on gray mold, powdery mildew, citrus black spot disease, and more.

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Valena is a dry powder fertilizer to use at seedling or transplant that primes the growing media with a unique source of 1,3-β-glucan material derived from Kemin’s microalgae Euglena gracilis, known to elicit plants’ defense responses.

Learn how Valena produces higher yields of strawberry crops, hops, tomatoes, and rose flowers.

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AlliCURB™ MAX is a garlic oil-based contact insecticide and repellent. It is designed to both control and repel a wide range of pests and small soft-bodied insects on all crops.

See how AlliCURB MAX effectively targets pests on cherries and tomato plants by downloading the crop sheets.

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