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Valena™  OMRI-Listed®, Novel Fertilizer for Crop Nutrition

Valena is a new generation of OMRI-Listed® fertilizer that goes beyond N.P.K. (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) nutrients.

Valena is a dry powder to use at seedling or transplant that primes the growing media with a unique source of 1,3-β-glucan material derived from Kemin’s microalgae Euglena gracilis, known to elicit plants’ defense responses.

Valena top dressed or soil amended, helps promote higher quality plants and crop yield, and helps with an earlier transplant.

Valena is an ideal alternative to traditional liquid fertilizers or biostimulants to help growers upgrade their nutritional program and reach their farming potential.

Valena Packaging

beta glucan


  • β-glucan.......................>50%
  • Nitrogen (N) ..................>2%
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) .......>1%
  • Potassium (K2O) ...........>1%

Target Use Sites

  • Young Plant Growers
  • Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Fruit & Vegetables Growers
  • Growing Media Manufacturers

Application Types

  • Top Dress: One application at 1.5 g/L of growing media
  • Soil Incorporated: One application at 1.2 kg/cubic yard of growing media

Features and Benefits of Valena

When used according to label instructions

  • Helps increase nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Gets plants ready for earlier transplant
  • Aids growth of thriving plants from the start
  • Increases fruit and vegetable marketable yield
  • Supplies soil with ingredients to support plant growth
  • May help reduce the application of traditional fertilizers or biostimulants
  • Designed to fit into any nutritional program

How Valena Works

Greenhouse and Field Trials

Greenhouse Vinca Plug Trial – With/without Valena
Vinca trial Valena

31 days after planting (31 DAP), the Vinca plugs treated with Valena look significantly fuller and greener compared to the untreated plugs.

Vinca trial Valena 2

Not only did the Valena-treated vinca plugs thrive, but they were also as big as the control plugs even when sown 11 days later!

See How Valena™ Performs on Crops Like Yours

Label, SDS, and OMRI Certificate

OMRI Certificate





Valena is registered or otherwise authorized for sale in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Washington. Please contact us to discuss registration in your specific state. 

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based on regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.


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