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TetraCURB™ MAX Trial Data

TetraCURB MAX in Action

See how our botanical oil-based biopesticide TetraCURB MAX performs on plants and crops like yours.

At Kemin, we are constantly testing our products in different conditions to provide growers with trustworthy data and ensure reliable, effective and practical solutions in their fields and operation.


Efficacy on Western Flower Thrips Nymph Populations in Romaine Lettuce (California)

TetraCURB MAX at a 1% rate controlled 81% of thrips nymphs after the third application compared to the industry standard.


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Efficacy on Two-Spotted Spider Mites Motile Populations in California Strawberries

TetraCURB MAX at a 0.5% rate controlled 80% of the spider mite motile population after two applications.


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Efficacy on Asian Citrus Psyllid in Sweet Oranges

TetraCURB MAX at a 0.5% rate significantly reduced the nymphal population by 86% after two applications.



Efficacy Against Two-Spotted Spider Mites (Tetranychus urticae) Population in Hemp Plants

TetraCURB MAX at the 1% rate was able to reduce the population by 99% after three applications compared to the untreated control, and controlled the population by 93% over the course of the trial.



Efficacy on Striped Mealybug in Azalea

TetraCURB MAX shows a quick knockdown of the striped mealybug population after a single application by up to 56%.



Efficacy on Citrus Mealybugs in Coleus

After 28 days and 3 applications, TetraCURB MAX at 2% provided: 

  • 90% control of eggs
  • 84% control of crawlers
  • 79% control of mobile




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