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Valena™ Trial Data

Reap Higher Quality Crops

See how our OMRI-Listed® micro algae-based fertilizer Valena performs on plants and crops like yours.

At Kemin, we are constantly testing our products in different conditions to provide growers with trustworthy data and ensure reliable, effective and practical solutions in their fields and operation.


Higher Strawberry Yield with Valena

Valena helps commercial strawberry growers to achieve an increase in total income greater than ~$3,000. 


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strawberry Valena Crop Sheet

Higher Yield and Quality Hops with Valena

Valena increased total hops biomass by 41% for rhizome treated plants.


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Positive Effects on Hop and Higher Yield with Valena (Washington)

Valena applied at 3 grams per rhizome, twice during the growing season, resulted in a 22% increase (greater than 200 pounds per acre) in total harvested pounds of hops.



Higher Grape Tomatoes Marketable Yield with Valena

Field broadcasted Valena increased the total tomato yield by 18% and produced more than 7,684 more pounds than the untreated control.



Higher Saleable Rose Liner Production with Valena

Valena applied at 3.0G/L of soil demonstrated a 14% increase in the total usable amount of rose liners at the pre-shipping fixing stage.



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