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Miticide-Insecticide & Repellent


Botanical oil-based biopesticide to control mites & small, soft-bodied insects on all crops

TetraCURB™ MAX  is a zero-day PHI, zero-hour REI, contact miticide-insecticide, and repellent for mites and small soft-bodied insects. Rosemary and other botanical oils have been used as natural insecticide options for centuries. We have leveraged these insecticidal properties to design TetraCURB MAX, a botanical oil-based contact miticide-insecticide for two-spotted spider mites and small soft-bodied insects. The premium botanical oils within TetraCURB MAX are rich in insecticidal compounds responsible for the multiple modes of action, making TetraCURB MAX an excellent tool for resistance management. In addition, TetraCURB MAX has no known concerns of phytotoxicity when used accurately following the label directions.


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Active ingredient TetraCURB

Smart Blend Technology



  • Castor oil..........................20% 
  • Rosemary oil...................10% 
  • Clove oil...............................3% 
  • Peppermint oil.................2% 

TetraCURB MAX is not just an oil; it’s a SMART BLEND of active ingredients, emulsifiers, soaps, and synergistic solvents. This blend allows a stable emulsion of the tank spray solutions, an enhanced and uniform spray coverage across leaves surfaces, and gives a strong suffocation effect to the pests. Moreover, when using TetraCURB MAX, there is no need to add an adjuvant in the tank mix as it is already included in the formulation.

Advantages of TetraCURB™ MAX

Botanical oil-based biopesticides are excellent sustainable crop protection solutions, as they often have multiple modes of action, which are less likely to contribute to pesticide resistance. But multiple modes of action aren’t the only advantage of botanical oil-based pesticides. Botanicals also have lower pre-harvest intervals (PHI), allowing growers to apply them closer to harvest time and still have a safe product for workers and consumers.

Some conventional products have a few days or more re-entry intervals (REI), preventing growers from re-entering the field immediately. However, FIFRA 25(b) exempt products like TetraCURB MAX have zero-hour REI that give more flexibility to growers.

Moreover,  25(b) exempt biological are allowed for use on a broad range of crops without restrictions on application timing or volume like many EPA-registered products. Those biopesticides will enable applicators to be flexible and adjust their plans according to the season and situation. 

Benefits of TetraCURB™ MAX 

When used according to label instructions

Crop Tech icon ZERO REI

Worker Safety

Crop Tech ICONS

Convenient to Use

Crop Tech icon MRL EXEMPT

MRL Exempt

Crop Tech ICONS No Phytotoxicity

No Phytotoxicity Observed*

Crop Tech ICONS Rotation

Excellent Pest Resistance Management Tool

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Quick Knock Down

Crop Tech ICONS

Minimal PPE

Bee beneficials

Compatible with Beneficial Programs

Target Pests Controlled

• Mites, spider mites

• Aphids

• Whiteflies

  • Mealybugs
  • Lygus
  • Thrips

Use Sites 

All commercial specialty crops, food and non-food crops, indoor and outdoor, including greenhouses, nurseries, fruit and vegetable, orchards, tree fruits, citrus, nuts, hops, hemp etc...


How Does TetraCURB MAX Work? 

TetraCURB MAX active ingredients offer multiple modes of action to kill and control pests on crops, and making it an excellent biological crop protection tool to rotate in an  integrated pest management program.

MOA paralyze


The botanical oil active compounds affect the insect-specific octopamine receptor, causing paralysis and death.

MOA Suffocation icon


The castor oil provides true and strong pest suffocation by blocking air from entering the spiracle, leading to pest death.



The formula disrupts the waxy cuticle allowing the active ingredients to quickly penetrate the pest, resulting in desiccation, water loss, and death.

MOA repellent icon


TetraCURB MAX vapors induce hyperactivity and avoidance behavior, thus keeping pests away and limiting the chance of crop establishment. 

Directions For Use

Blog Icon Preventative care

Preventative Approach

Blog Icon Hot Spot treatment Application

Hot Spot Treatment

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Anytime in the Season

Always read and follow label directions | Shake or mix the concentrate well before use | Must be diluted before use | Do not store diluted solution | The use of adjuvants is not required.

Foliar spray with standard spray equipment. Leaf coverage is key, as it is a contact biopesticide.

- Rates for 100 gallons of water per acre

- A minimum of 100 gallons of finished solution to treat one acre is recommended

- Treatment interval: 5-7 days (no restrictions)

  • PREVENTATIVE (< Economic threshold): 32 fl. oz
  • MODERATE PRESSURE (> Economic threshold): 64 fl. oz
  • HEAVY INFESTATION (at economic threshold): 128 fl. oz
  • RESCUE FROM HEAVY INFESTATION (At rescue): 256 fl. oz

- Year-round use. TetraCURB MAX doesn't have label restrictions or limitations on the number of applications per cropping season

- Do not apply to plants under stress or when the temperature is 90ºF or above

1 Gal. | 2.5 Gal. | Tote (275 Gal.)


Efficacy of TetraCURB MAX in Field Trials 

TetraCURB MAX Thrips Romaine lettuce CA

Efficacy on western flower thrips nymph populations in romaine lettuce (California)

TetraCURB MAX at 1% rate controlled 81% of thrips nymphs after the third application compared to the industry standard.


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TetraCURB MAX TSSM Strawberry

Efficacy on two-spotted spider mites motile populations in California strawberries

TetraCURB MAX at 0.5% rate controlled 80% of the spider mite motile population after two applications.


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ACP-TCM-Efficacy chart

Efficacy on Asian Citrus Psyllid in Sweet Oranges

TetraCURB MAX at 0.5% rate significantly reduced the nymphal population by 86% after two applications.


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Intended for commercial use. Always read and follow the entire label direction before use.

FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticides: TetraCURB MAX is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations. Kemin Industries, Inc. represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Contact your local extension specialist or certified crop advisors for any additional pesticide resistance management and IPM recommendations for the specific site and pest problems in your area. 

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.