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Field Trials Performed with our Products

Welcome to the resource center for commercial growers. Here, you will find data and information specifically designed to benefit you and your operation. These documents contain information on product trials and performance tests of our botanical oil-based contact biopesticides, TetraCURB™, Gemsei™ and  Valena™, on plants and crops like yours. .

We are constantly testing our botanical oil-based biopesticides and fertilizer in different conditions to provide growers with reliable data and ensure trustworthy, effective and practical products in their fields and operation.

We are intentionally testing some of the key pests such as two-spotted spider mites, mealybugs, thrips, SWD or lygus bugs on a diverse spread of specialty crops such as strawberry, tomato, lettuce, hop, and hemp.

We have trials in a range of different climates, including California, Florida, and Washington – just to list a few!

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Colorado Pesticides approved for use in Cannabis list - We provide the opportunity for hemp and cannabis growers to succeed with our botanical biopesticides and fertilizer. There is a very limited number of pesticides approved for use on industrial hemp. Our TetraCURB products are part of them! To see the list of the Pesticides Allowed for Use in Cannabis,

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University of Florida Study - The University of Florida studied several commercial chemicals' efficacy and plant safety to control spider mites and other pests specifically in hemp. Our product, TetraCURB™, was one of them. It showed strong control of both mites and whiteflies in this study. 

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