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Extends Shelf Life

Shelf Life Of Bakery And Snack Products

Challenge: Extending shelf life while reducing undesirable microbes and mold

Solution: SHIELD™ FL Liquid

Typical Applications: Unleavened Bread (Eg: Chapaties, Parathas, Poories, and Tortillas)

Homemade fresh wheat flour Chapati or roti which is an indian flat bread

Wheat is one of the significant produce in India and is enjoyed by all segments of the population in the form of chapaties, a flat unleavened baked product, and other traditional foods such as parathas, poories, and many more. The typical shelf life of freshly baked chapaties is 24-36 hours. They become unfit for consumption due to the development of mold growth, ropiness, and texture deterioration subject to storage conditions.

This microbial spoilage directly affects the shelf-life of baked products, especially those with a higher water activity level, like tortillas. Bakery manufacturers must manage the moisture of their products to balance proper texture and shelf stability. The use of mold inhibitors is a way to control undesirable microbes and lengthen shelf-life.

SHIELD™ FL Liquid, Kemin's food-grade antimicrobial system, has propionic acid and sorbic acid as its actives for application in tortillas, rotis, chapaties, and other specialty bread and processed foods where permitted.

At Kemin, we understand how different factors like mixing procedures, baking and storage temperatures, water activity, and pH level affect your products' shelf-life and consumer appeal. Our studies found that SHIELD™ FL Liquid showed a 100% increase over control in extending the shelf life of chapaties. (Note: In commercial practice, chapaties are partially cooked at 100 °C for 1 or 2 seconds, whereas in this trial, the chapaties were partially cooked at 100 °C for 45-55 seconds.)

Looking for a commercial trial to provide more accurate results on the efficacy of our various products? Kemin is always ready to provide the solutions that address your shelf-life challenges and meet your consumers' needs.

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