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About Us

Kemin Food Technologies

As a leading provider of food technologies, Kemin knows how to keep your product safe, of high quality, and appealing. With our range of plant-based extracts, antioxidants, and antimicrobials, we provide shelf life, flavor & color, and food safety solutions.

Simply put, at Kemin, we know how to keep food

  • Fresher
  • Safer
  • Longer

How? We do it with...

  • Naturally and synthetically sourced food safety, shelf life stability, and color solutions for a wide range of food products
  • Consistently performing ingredient solutions
  • Custom blends and extracts designed to solve complex technical problems
  • Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) which reduces testing time and helps meet your go-to-market goals
  • A combination of technical expertise and innovation to meet today’s marketing challenges



The Kemin Difference

World-Class Quality

From our world-class, certified production facilities located around the globe down to our vertically integrated, traceable rosemary and spearmint, we offer the utmost in quality.

  • Leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients
  • FSSC 22000 certification
  • Sustainable, consistent, and traceable supply of ingredients

Expertise & Innovation

At Kemin Food Technologies, our extensive knowledge of oxidation processes and understanding of food products on a molecular level feeds our pursuit of quality solutions. In addition to addressing today’s needs, we anticipate tomorrow's food issues, to help keep food safe and fresh longer. To accomplish these goals, we are constantly developing new and necessary products and improving our existing brands.

Meeting Challenges Together

At Kemin, we collaborate with our clients on challenges, providing testing in our fully equipped CLS laboratories to arrive at the best solutions. Our teams of experts are available to develop, test and recommend solutions targeting specific client needs. Onsite consultations, brainstorming, and engineering assistance are also provided.

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