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Inhibit Mold & Bacterial Growth

Improving Shelf Stability & Sensory Profile with Antimicrobial Solution

Challenge: Inhibit microbial growth in high-lipid traditional sweet; increase shelf-life from 7 days to 12 days or more

Solution: AMPLIVITA™ Paste

Typical Applications: Indian ethnic sweets and confectionery (Eg: Peda, Laddoo, Kajukatli)

Malai sweet cow milk peda with pistachio garnishing in old vintage plate

Peda is indigenous milk sweet in India prepared by heating a mixture of khoa and sugar until it desiccated or turned into concentrated whole milk. One of the challenges we faced with Milk Peda was increasing the 7 days shelf-life to more than 12 days. Kemin's challenge was maintaining food safety and quality under reasonably foreseeable conditions of distribution, storage, and use. Containing higher water activity, the threat of microbial growth in Milk Peda increases as the product's available free moisture is more elevated.

AMPLIVITA™ - Kemin's antimicrobial system is uniquely designed for Indian ethnic sweets with active ingredients – Potassium Sorbate and Sorbic Acid.

Based on our trials, the results for Milk Pedas with AMPLIVITA™ Paste have higher microbial stability over Negative Control samples. The Milk Peda samples treated with AMPLIVITA™ Paste were microbiologically stable for 20 days. However, considering the realistic shelf-life of Milk Peda samples, along with its microbial parameters, other quality parameters like pH, water activity, and sensory. It was concluded and recommended that the shelf-life of milk Pedas treated with AMPLIVITA™ Paste at 3000 ppm be 14 days, considering the microbial and sensory results. It exceeded the targeted expectation.

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