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Kemin is Your Technical Expert

Not only does Kemin Food Technologies help you keep your product fresher, safer, for longer with our oxidation control and food safety solutions, we also provide a wide range of services to better meet our customers’ needs. Through our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), technical service team and Kemin Application Solutions (KAS), Kemin can assist you in getting your product to market, quicker.


Technical Sales Managers

Working closely with our CLS teams, are our Kemin Technical Sales Managers. These individuals bring extensive knowledge of the food industry to help solve complex technical issues for our customers. They will provide recommended product usage, inclusion rates and market insights. Our technical sales managers are highly knowledgeable in the meat and poultry industry as well as the fats and oils industry.

Our technical sales managers also work closely with our CLS team to help create project protocols and analyse results. As a customer, you can feel confident that our technical sales managers will help you find the information and products you need to improve your product.


Kemin application solutions

Kemin Application Solutions (KAS), formerly Product Application Department (PAD), is the result of decades of growth, and it underlines Kemin’s role as a global organisation with a local approach in terms of support services. We are proud to say that the application work has gradually evolved, which allows us to stay on top of your creations.

No matter what product you are using, even distribution of a Kemin ingredient throughout your product is essential. Kemin has a dedicated team of engineers and technical experts that will work with individual customers to create automated distribution equipment customised for your manufacturing line. Our team will help install, calibrate and train your operations team on how to use the customised system so that you are getting a consistent dosage and distribution each time. Your customers are looking for a consistent product each time, so let Kemin help you fulfil your customers’ expectations with our specialised equipment and expertise.

For more information on how to work with Kemin Application Solutions, please contact your local sales representative.

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