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Redefining Fried Food with Plant-Based Technology

InnoBLQ™ is a fat-block solution used in fried foods to improve quality and processing parameters. As a blend of plant-based protein, it helps to reduce cost by saving oil, meets customer preference for clean-label, and delivers a juicier, crispier, and tastier fried food product.

Kemin's innovative clean-label functional protein can meet consumers requirements and reduce input costs while achieving greater yields.

✓ Reduce Cost

✓ Increase Yield

✓ Achieve Clean-Label


  • A blend of vegetable proteins
  • Protein structure modification
  • Labeling as "Pea and Lentil Proteins” or “Vegetable Proteins (Pea and Lentil)”
  • Reduced oil usage and less fat absorption in finished products
  • Efficacious coating system
  • Less dregs produced


  • Plant-based solution
  • Optimized performance
  • Label friendly
  • Significant cost saving for manufactures and less greasy mouthfeel for consumers
  • Deliver crispier, juicier and tastier product
  • Shorter CIP duration and higher production efficiency

Cut the Fat with InnoBLQ™

Market Insights

  • Between 2020 to 2022, the price of edible oil has almost doubled. For instance, palm oil increased from $751.77 to $1275.99, impacting global inflation. – World Bank Commodity Price Data
  • Almost two in three consumers have noticed price rises when shopping over the past year… 69% of consumers say they are actively trying to save money when buying food and beverages. – Innova Market Insights, 2022
InnoBLQ V Cost Reduction

Boy eating fried chicken

  • The clean-label market is estimated to acquire a size of over USD 42 billion by the end of 2030. The market will thrive at a healthy CAGR of over 17.56%. – Market Research Future, 2022
InnoBLQ V Clean label

  • The European Commission's 'farm to fork strategy' aims to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the EU food system and promote healthy and sustainable diets. The strategy includes front-of-pack nutrition labelling to help consumers make informed and healthier food choices, and to encourage food reformulation. A public consultation found that a graded indicator for overall nutritional value was the most likely to change food purchasing behavior. The Commission is expected to propose measures in 2023. - A European Green Deal, 2023
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InnoBLQ™ redefines Fried Food Products

InnoBLQ™, Kemin's latest clean-label functional protein, suits breaded and battered fried food products. Our vegetable protein blend experience a protein structure modification that enables a fat block function with an optimized performance of the plant-based solution.

Whether your company is a fast food chain or manufacturing packaged frozen products, InnoBLQ™ can reduce oil usage and decrease up to 18% of fat in the finished products. This allows significant cost savings for manufacturers and has also a less greasy mouthfeel for consumers. The efficacious coating system allows for fat reduction in fried food, delivering a crispier, juicier, and less greasy product.

From a manufacturer's perspective, the effective coating function and reduced oil uptake cause less dreg in the production line, ensuring shorter clean-in-place (CIP) duration and enhanced production efficiency.

How does InnoBLQ™ work?

InnoBLQ coat

InnoBLQ™ binds and forms a micro barrier film around the substrate.

InnoBLQ fry

During the frying, the film hardens and forms a protective layer around the substrate.

This layer helps increase breading adhesion and reduces residue in oil after frying. Less oil entering the substrate reduces frying oil usage.


Higher moisture retention in the fried products means:

  • Improved taste and texture
  • Increased yield

InnoBLQ™ Product Applications

Kemin's plant-based protein, InnoBLQ, applies with most fried food products

Want to try InnoBLQ™ for your fried foods?


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