Eliminating pest problems and helping improve yield for tomato growers with botanical insecticide and Fertilizer

Welcome to the resource page for tomato growers! Here you will find data and information specifically designed to benefit you and your operation. These documents contain information on product trials and performance tests of our botanical-oil based contact pesticide, TetraCURB™,  and fertilizer Valena™, on plants like yours. 

Crop Sheets

Use these documents to review efficacy measures and trial data on specific pests in different growing regions. 

TetraCURB Concentrate effectively controls spider mites and soft bodied insects on tomatoes.

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Valena™ shows to boost market yield in grape tomatoes.

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Technical Literature

See more data and trial results of our botanical contact pesticide and sustainable soil amendment in tomatoes.

Botanical miticide-insecticide proven to control two-spotted spider mites compared to competitors in tomatoes.

Reduce drought stress and help improve your tomato quaility with Valena!

Valena proven to help increase tomato yield and quality in this trial. 

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