Crop Technologies for Hop Growers

Commercial hop production is a growing industry. Craft beer brewing has surged dramatically over the last three decades, and all of those small breweries across the United States are now looking for local hop growers to supply them. We are here to support your hop operation.

The Hop Grower's Challenges

Hop crop production can take the form of conventionally grown raw hops or organically grown hops. If growing high-quality hops is your goal, we understand you must overcome a variety of challenges, including growing hops that are pest-resistant and achieving quality growth with a limited supply of nitrogen.

Other challenges you may face can include fungi or bacteria like powdery mildew or fireblight, or insect-pests like two-spotted spider mites, which can quickly lay waste to your entire hop crop. Fortunately, Kemin provides high-quality solutions for growing hops successfully in all conditions and situations, particularly when it comes to the issue of devastating pests.

Mites: The #1 pest for hop growers

One of the hop grower’s greatest enemies is the two-spotted spider mite. This widespread crop pest loves the hot and dry conditions often found in your hop fields. They cover your crops with an unsightly white webbing, which protects them from predators and pesticides. Then, they feed on the liquid inside plant cells, doing dramatic damage to the hop plant and cones, reducing yields and negatively affecting hop quality.

Spider mites are the bane of many crop growers, including hops cultivators, for a number of reasons. Conventionally-grown raw hops tend to be inadequate when it comes to shaking off pesticide residue. A study by Hengel and Shibamoto (2002) found relatively high levels of pesticide residue on hops treated with seven common commercial pesticides. What’s worse, spider mites tend to be highly resistant to such pesticides anyway. Our biopesticides provide a quick knock down of spidermites and protects your crops from pest resistance.

Fungal and Bacterial pathogens are detrimental to hop performance

Disease takes from the natural immunity, nutrients, and health of your plant. When disease strikes hops, they are unable to thrive and reach their full potential as a crop. This is why disease prevention and treatment in hops is very important to us.

Black rot and Fusarium wilt are common diseases in hop populations. The presense of fungal and bacterial diseases can have very detrimental impacts on the success of your operation. We know this is a major concern for your operation and have a fungicide-bactericide into you need for your IPM plan. 

Kemin Solutions for Pest Management and Other Hop Growing Challenges

Fortunately, Kemin has solutions to help you manage troublesome pests.

TetraCURB Concentrate


Start with our TetraCURB™ Concentrate solution for commercial growers. This is a rosemary oil-based contact miticide-insecticide treatment made from our proprietary lines of rosemary plants. It's an environmentally-friendly product with no phytotoxicity that is highly effective at killing or repelling mites and small, soft-bodied insects such as aphids and whiteflies. Our product is exempt from residue tolerances in the U.S. and is an ideal foundation for a quality integrated pest management program.

TetraCURB Organic


TetraCURB Organic is a new option for organic growers to help manage pest pressure throughout the cropping season. With a high concentration of active ingredients formulated with a unique blend of botanical oils,  TetraCURB Organic is a very effective contact miticide-insecticide and repellent that provides mite and small, soft-bodied insect control for a wide range of specialty crops with a zero-day PHI and zero-hour REI. 


Valena™ - Sustainable Fertilizer

Another Kemin product useful for producing high-quality hop  is Valena™ - a unique sustainable fertilizer made of Kemin’s proprietary strain of unicellular Euglena gracilis algae, that primes the soil and help increase uptake efficiency for optimal crop growth. So farmers can improve their crop output, yield and overall plant health. 

See Products in action on hops: 

TetraCURB Concentrate shown to effectively control spider mites in hops.

Valena shown to cause higher yield and quality in hops. Improve your yields today with Valena.


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