Crop Technologies for Greenhouses and Nurseries

If you are a commercial greenhouse grower, nursery manager or ornamental grower, your greenhouse crop production is naturally very important to you. Whether you are the owner, head grower, assistant grower or serve some other function, you no doubt take your greenhouse horticulture responsibilities seriously. That means you are always looking for ways to improve your ability to grow and raise healthy plants.

Goals and Challenges for Greenhouse Workers

As someone responsible for the successful operation of a greenhouse, your duties may include overseeing the implementation and design of an effective Integrated Pest Management Program, applying fertilizer and other aspects of plant growth, maintaining a healthy environment for plants, transplanting plants into pots, managing plant disease or some combination of these.

Your goal is to produce and ship only the highest quality plants, flowers or produce to market. What are the challenges you face in this regard?

Labor management is a significant issue. You want your workers to have an environment where they can be confident in their safety and their efforts are appreciated, so they will continue to work toward optimal profitability of your operation.

Soil quality is another concern. Poor soil or growing media is likely to result in poor crop production, and finding the right soil treatment can often be a challenge.

The major concern most greenhouse workers have to deal with, however, is usually pest control. Pest infestation, especially in the form of the dreaded spider mite, can be devastating to a greenhouse. You need cutting-edge greenhouse technology that includes biocontrols to safely manage pest problems. Any insecticide chemical mode of action must be one that is safe for your plants and also effective against the pests that attack them.

Kemin Has Superior Greenhouse Technology for Crop Health and Successful Growth

Kemin is your premium source for value-added pest control solutions for greenhouse and nursery crop health. We also have the products you need to keep your greenhouse clean and enrich your soil. Our high-grade greenhouse and nursery solutions include:

TetraCURB™ Concentrate



Our miticide efficiently controls two-spotted spider mites when added to the rotation of a well-designed integrated pest management program. A biopesticide that is based on our proprietary rosemary oil, TetraCURB™ Concentrate is an environmentally-friendly variety of crop protector that has no phytotoxicity1 and is exempt from residue tolerance2 on your plants.

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If your goal is to get your plant transplanted faster, Valena™, our soil amendment  may be just the solution you are searching for. Our unique, sustainable, paramylon rich strain of unicellular Euglena gracilis algae can give your soil that boost it needs to maximize your plant growth.*



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QUANTAVENE™ 500 Concentrate



Sanitation is key to a successful growing season and the first line of defense against pest infestation and disease. Our Quantavene™ 500  Concentrate is a highly-effective, environmentally-friendly way to remove all those troublesome algae stains that can plague your greenhouse walls, ceilings, cooling pads and other essential areas.

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Kemin has all the products you need to optimize a successful greenhouse or nursery. To find out how to order our greenhouse technology solutions, contact Kemin today.


1.TetraCURB Concentrate is Minimum Risk Pesticides Exempted from FIFRA Registration and exempt from residue tolerances

2. Kemin document: TL-18-00007

*Valena™is currently registered, or otherwise authorized for sale, in Florida and Georgia. Other registrations have been submitted and are under review. Please contact us to discuss registration in your specific state.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.