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Wet Cat Food

When it comes to feeding beloved pets, feeding the most appetizing meals is at the top of pet parents minds.
Wet pet food is often considered highly palatable, and cat owners choose wet almost as often as dry. Wet cat food comprises 44% of the global volume of cat food.1

Despite the perceived appeal of wet cat food, consumers and pet food manufacturers alike are often surprised to find that cats may be reluctant or refuse to eat a product altogether. Adding palatability enhancers to increase performance introduces new variables, and it can significantly affect the integrity of the product, including texture, pH, and color. At Kemin, we are developing a portfolio of wet pet food solutions, including palatants, to meet pets’ (and pet parents') flavor expectations while mitigating these integration challenges.


Introducing PALIVATE: Palatants for Wet Pet Food Applications

  • Specifically created for wet pet food applications and to withstand the retort process
  • Increases palatability of wet pet food with low inclusions in multiple formats, including loaf and chunk in gravy
  • Designed to minimize effects to product integrity


PALATABILITY TESTING PALIVATE palatants have been tested at different inclusion levels, in different formats and flavors, including as a component within the loaf and a component of the chunk and/or gravy in a chunk in gravy formula.2



The addition of a PALIVATE dry palatant in the chunk component of a chicken-based chunk and gravy diet was statistically preferred to a control diet with no palatant. Palatability performance increases with increasing PALIVATE palatant application rate. All rations were made in the Kemin pilot plant.


The performance of a PALIVATE dry palatant in a pilot-produced turkey and giblet loaf increased with increasing application rate vs. a commercial turkey and giblet loaf moving the performance from a significant loss with no palatant to a significant win with only a 1% addition.


A PALIVATE dry palatant significantly outperformed a competitive palatant within a chicken or salmon loaf diet. All rations were made at a production-scale facility.



Kemin has invested in a wet pet food pilot facility to leverage our expertise and partner with customers seeking solutions to wet pet food challenges, such as palatability, biogenic amine formation and color retention. At Kemin, we care that our solutions work in pet food matrices and have minimal impact to product integrity and quality standards. 

Ready to give Kemin’s palatant formulas a try? PALIVATE samples are available, and our wet pet food production team is ready to collaborate with you on a new solution or to help with pilot-scale testing. Reach out to your Kemin account representative for more information or CONTACT US today.

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