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Research and Exploration Services in Canada

Kemin is Your Research Partner

We've expanded our capabilities with a dedicated service that takes co-creation with our customers to the next level.

You can have assurance that it is the industry's most comprehensive approach to creating, testing and validating pet food and rendering products, including kibble and wet retort products. This is done with the inclusion of the industry's most popular palatants, specialty proteins, antioxidants and other ingredients – ultimately helping to predict large-scale results. 

Research and Exploration Service Options

can of wet cat food


Pilot solutions in wet pet food based on difference packaging (i.e., cans vs. packs). 

bowl of dry pet food circle


Test palatants and prototypes on kibbles for animal trials.

validate res


Utilize full lab capabilities and expertise to validate challenges through the process – right down to the molecular level.

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Unmatched Industry Expertise

Partnering with the RES team — as well as Customer Laboratory Services (CLS), Technical Services Managers (TSMs), and Kemin Application Services (KAS) gives you access to expertise in chemistry, analytical chemistry, flavor chemistry, nutrition, animal science, veterinary science, microbiology, and applications engineering.

Together, we will research and explore palatants, proteins, health and nutrition, antioxidants, and food safety like never before. No one else can match our level of expertise in these areas.

Innovation Around the Globe

Kemin Nutrisurance continues to expand research and exploration services (RES) capabilities and locations to better co-create earlier in the innovation process and serve our customers worldwide. 


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