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About Kemin Pet Food and Rendering in Canada

Why Kemin Nutrisurance?

To create a high-caliber pet food brand, not only do you need quality ingredients, but you need a supplier that understands all phases of the pet food and rendering manufacturing processes. For decades, Kemin has partnered with many of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers and renderers and to develop innovative solutions to maintain freshness, manage microbial risk, deliver palatability and nutrition.

Superior Ingredients

Quality raw materials are critical for superior pet food products. Kemin's raw material suppliers are critically evaluated on their ability to provide consistent, high-quality materials. Our comprehensive Raw Material Risk Assessment Program identifies and addresses product safety risks in raw materials.

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Kemin is Assurance

Quality at Kemin means that we promise to deliver safe and efficacious products. We fulfill this promise by incorporating quality into every aspect of our business – from raw materials to product development, up to the final product release.

Technical Expertise 4-01

Technical Expertise

What sets Kemin apart is our technical and application expertise, which we leverage to provide a full range of services to meet the unique needs of pet food manufacturers and renderers:

  • Petfood Ingredient Assurance: Kemin ingredient specialists utilize their vast experience and long-standing relationships in the industry to ensure the safety and quality of both your rendered and non-rendered petfood ingredients.
  • Petfood Diet Assurance: Kemin Technical Services and Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) teams provide industry-leading solutions for stability, food safety, and palatability.
  • Freshness Protection: Our Technical Services and CLS teams provide industry-leading stabilization solutions — including technical advice and laboratory testing — throughout the entire petfood process and ingredient supply chain.
  • Product Training & Education: Your Kemin Account Manager and Technical Services Manager are prepared to provide training and education to your vendors and customers about our petfood antioxidant and palatant ingredients.
  • Product Performance: Our Technical Services and CLS teams provide technical and lab support to verify the performance of our pet food products and provide feedback on what results mean for your operation.
  • Equipment Services: Our Kemin Applications Solutions (KAS) engineers are dedicated to designing liquid application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, and maintenance.


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Specialized Teams

Kemin Technical Services

Our dedicated technical services staff leverages extensive petfood industry experience and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot customer issues and provide recommended product usage and inclusion rates, petfood manufacturing support, and market information. As part of the ongoing support you receive from the technical services staff, you will receive key information regarding:

  • Market trends and the availability of raw materials and ingredients
  • Updates on the efficacy of new ingredients on stability and palatability
  • Shelf-life and flavor expectations
  • Inclusion rates and petfood manufacturing processes
  • Product recommendations and research collaboration
  • Protocol development and trial coordination
  • Process scale-up testing

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)

Receive dedicated analytical support throughout all phases of the pet food and rendering manufacturing process. By partnering with customers to analyze the integrity of their supply chains, we can understand the influences that various petfood ingredients have on the stability and palatability of your final product, keeping it safe, fresh, and nutritious. Our industry-leading throughput and turnaround times and our validated equipment and methods allow us to meet and exceed your overall business goals. CLS provides the laboratory support services you need to meet your end-product specifications.

The CLS team provides value throughout all phases of the pet food manufacturing process:

  • Vendor validation and raw material quality assessment
  • Application rate and equipment calibration verification
  • Ingredient and product troubleshooting
  • New ingredient and product development assistance
  • Analytical support, applied research, and quality control support
  • Advanced method development

Kemin Application Solutions (KAS)

Whether it’s an antioxidant or a palatant, the effective use of an ingredient depends on its proper application and distribution. Kemin understands that every facility is different, so we are committed to providing customized equipment, training, and education to ensure our industry-leading solutions for stability, food safety and palatability help you meet your performance goals.

Kemin Petfood and Rendering Technologies' team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts consult with customers to design petfood product application systems and carefully monitor system fabrication, installation, and maintenance. We utilize our pet food product and application expertise to provide training and education, ensuring your performance goals are met.

  • Complete a comprehensive site survey
  • Assist in equipment selection and calibration
  • Design, install and maintain systems
  • Advise on product application rates, locations, and process development
  • Respond quickly to troubleshoot and address any issues

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