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Kemin Application Solutions

Every pet food production facility is unique, which is why Kemin provides custom equipment solutions and training through a dedicated Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) team. Whether it’s an antioxidant or palatant, the effective use of an ingredient depends on the proper application and distribution. Our KAS team is made up of experienced engineers and technicians that help install, maintain and optimize customer application equipment to ensure your ingredients are meeting your performance goals.


KAS Engineers Provide Support For:

  • Selecting, calibrating and installing application equipment at pet food and rendering facilities

  • Training production staff on proper use of equipment and ingredients

  • Choosing application rates, locations and processes

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Troubleshooting production facility issues

Application Equipment Expertise

KAS engineers have experience with a wide range of application systems, including liquid, dry, single-pump and fully-automated, multi-pump systems. Our technicians specialize in pet food and rendering and are are continually monitoring and adopting new application technology to ensure your antioxidant and antimicrobial products are applied correctly for optimum performance.


Profiles of Pet Food Assurance

"I make sure our customers are meeting their performance goals at their production facilities by providing custom equipment solutions and training. Kemin is here for you every step of the way."

- Rob Wilson, KAS Project Manager

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