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Value-Added Services in South Asia

Kemin Biologics' network of consultants and qualified technical teams deliver a range of added-value programs and services enabling accuracy and traceability across multiple dimensions.

Facility Biosecurity Index

> Identifying critical control points for pathogen entry

Pathogens Surveillance Scheme

> Sizing the prevalence of target pathogens

Good Vaccination Practice

> Enabling effective animal immunization

Post Vaccination Monitoring

> Assuring the proper vaccine uptake

Facility Biosecurity Index (FBI)

Identifying critical control points for pathogen entry.

What You Can Expect
  • Measuring biosecurity across animal facilities allows risk assessment and benchmarking between farms, thus reducing the risk of pathogen entry and spread over time. 

Pathogen Surveillance Scheme (PSS)

Sizing the risk in your operation — a critical step to design an effective vaccination program.

What You Can Expect
  • Gain Insights on the actual strains threatening a particular flock
  • Cost-effectiveness when choosing the suitable scheme
  • Confidence and peace of mind after optimizing your vaccine program

FTA Veterinary Sampling Cards

The Flinders Technology Associates (FTA) Card is intended for the submission of samples for veterinary diagnostics.

As with other cards employing a similar technology, the FTA Card will chemically inactivate bacterial and viral pathogens while the native sample is applied. Nucleic acids are preserved for purification and analysis, such as qPCR and sequencing, even at room temperature. 

Good Vaccination Practice (GVP)

Assisting our customers in hatchery and farm immunization to mitigate the risk for human error.

What You Can Expect
  • Streamline standard operating procedures
  • Enable best practice sharing and benchmarking
  • Support vaccination crews and farm personnel with continuous training

Post Vaccination Monitoring (PVM)

Assuring proper vaccine uptake thus increasing staff confidence and peace of mind.

What You Can Expect
  • Verify the "good vaccination practice" while discarding interactions with water and feed compounds
  • Understand the actual farm vaccination status
  • Empower the veterinarians in their decision-making process around vaccination

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