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Immune resilience is our goal. We are driven to keep animals healthy and performing their best. This allows producers and veterinarians like you to continue feeding the world. 

Delivering Trusted Vaccines

When you partner with Kemin Biologics, you benefit from our company’s six decades of science and innovation.

With a strong awareness of the realities and trends shaping food and animal production worldwide, Kemin is focused on providing trusted vaccines to manage the risk against established and emerging diseases.

Prevention is a main driver in all we do. This mindset enables us to support our customers in achieving their profitability and sustainability targets, while contributing to food security worldwide.

Vaccine Areas of Expertise

  • Transboundary Control
  • Respiratory Integrity
  • Immunocompetence
  • Food Safety
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Our Commitment

We strive to deliver value-based solutions that help our customers remain profitable and competitive in the global marketplace. In doing so, we offer:

Vaccine Platforms

Best-in-class vaccine technologies designed to build reliable immunity and enable:

  • Transboundary Control
  • Respiratory Integrity
  • Immunocompetence
  • Food Safety


Our consultants and qualified experts, driven by customer service and technical leadership, are focused on: 

  • Pathogen detection, isolation and identification
  • Risk assessment and integrated management
  • Epidemiological mapping
  • Educational tools and resources

Value-Added Services

We focus on addressing our customers’ needs at every step, all the way from analytics to integrated risk management programs, tackling endemic and emerging challenges worldwide. Our portfolio of services include:

  • Facility Biosecurity Index (FBI)
  • Pathogen Surveillance System (PSS)
  • Good Vaccination Practice (GVP)
  • Post-Vaccination Monitoring (PVM)
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