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2024 Global Dietary Supplement Trends

Posted December 21, 2023

Welcome to the dynamic landscape of 2024's global dietary supplements trends, where health-conscious consumers are navigating a sea of innovations to enhance their overall well-being. From a profound shift in the focus on cognitive health to growing interest in the gut microbiome, this year brings forward trends that reshape our approach to dietary supplementation. We delve into the realms of immunity omnipresence, a holistic approach to weight management and sports nutrition, the rise of plant-based supplements, and a growing emphasis on sustainable and ethical practices. Join us as we explore these trends, reflecting the evolving preferences and expectations of a well-educated and sophisticated consumer base seeking effective, safe, and environmentally conscious solutions for their health and wellness journey.

1. Cognitive Health & Overall Wellbeing

Shifting from fear to focus.

The landscape of cognitive health is evolving from fear-based motivations to a pursuit of enhanced focus and mental performance. With about two-thirds of consumers recognizing the link between cognitive health and overall wellbeing, it ranks as the second most significant global health concern, following digestive wellbeing.1 This shift reflects a growing interest in maintaining cognitive function, improving mental clarity, and reducing the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Ingredients supporting brain health by promoting healthy brain structure and function are key players, linked to improved cognitive performance and a lower risk of decline. Beyond cognitive function, consumer interest extends to stress, anxiety, and mood supplements. Adaptogens, calming herbs like chamomile or valerian, and amino acids like L-theanine are gaining attention for their potential role in supporting overall mental wellness. It's not just about supplements; consumers also recognize the importance of lifestyle factors like a balanced diet, exercise, quality sleep, and mental stimulation in maintaining brain health.

Kemin's range of ingredients, such as Neumentix™, FloraGLO®, and DailyZz™, equips formulators with solutions to boost cognitive performance. Exploring the impact on brain health through the gut-brain axis adds another dimension to Kemin's offerings, including BetaVia™ and ButiShield™.

2. Unlocking the Gut Microbiome

Emphasizing digestive health's crucial role.

The spotlight on dietary supplements promoting gut health has grown, recognizing the pivotal role of the gut microbiome in overall wellbeing. Globally, digestive health is a primary concern for consumers. The focus on optimizing digestive health extends beyond digestion, impacting immune function, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

Microbiota-modulating approaches include probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics. Probiotics, featuring live beneficial bacteria, restore and maintain a balanced gut microbiome, supporting digestion, immune function, and mental health. Prebiotics, often paired with probiotics, nourish beneficial gut bacteria, promoting growth and activity. Synbiotics combine both for a dual approach to a healthy gut environment. Postbiotics, defined as preparations conferring health benefits on the host, are gaining importance.

Innovations like Kemin's MicroPEARLS™ technology in ButiShield™ optimize delivery, ensuring actives survive harsh stomach conditions. Specialized supplements targeting conditions like irritable bowel syndrome integrate biotic ingredients to alleviate symptoms and foster gut health.

3. Immunity Omnipresence

From focused to all-encompassing benefits.

The trend in immunity-focused dietary supplements has surged, driven by global health concerns. Consumers now view recovery time from illness as a metric of good immune health, emphasizing a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing health. Healthy lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, and targeted nutritional supplements are integral to minimizing illness downtime and fostering a resilient immune system.

Many supplements combine multiple ingredients known for their immune-supporting properties, providing comprehensive products. Consumer education on the importance of a balanced diet, lifestyle choices, and supplementation in supporting immune function is increasing. Immune health benefits are now essential in daily supplementation, becoming omnipresent in various health platforms.

Kemin's BetaVia™ exemplifies a comprehensive formula targeting overall immune health.

4. Weight Management and Sports Nutrition

Beyond muscle gain: A holistic approach to health.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts prioritize comprehensive nutritional solutions addressing various aspects of health, including bone and joint health, digestive health, immunity, sleep, and healthy aging. The latest developments in weight management have introduced quick-win solutions, but the challenge lies in achieving a healthy, sustainable weight.

Consumers increasingly recognize the link between weight and long-term health. A holistic approach with natural, efficacious, and safe nutritional ingredients is essential. Kemin's products like DailyZz™ and Slendesta® offer targeted solutions for sleep, relaxation, and weight management, contributing to a comprehensive health strategy.

5. Plant-Based Supplements

The natural path to wellness.

The rise of vegetarianism and veganism has led to a higher demand for plant-based supplements, including alternatives for omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Consumers prefer supplements made from natural, plant-based ingredients, perceiving them as gentler on the body and more easily absorbed.

Concerns for health and environmental sustainability drive the shift toward plant-based supplements. Manufacturers are innovating to create more effective and bioavailable plant-based supplements. Kemin's products like FloraGLO® Lutein and ZeaONE®/OPTISHARP™ Natural Zeaxanthin showcase innovative approaches in developing plant-based supplements.

Educating consumers about the benefits of plant-based supplements, including nutritional value, sustainability, and potential health advantages, is crucial. Regulatory bodies are adapting to accommodate the growing market for plant-based supplements, ensuring clear labeling, quality control, and safety standards.

6. Sustainable and Ethical

Good for me, for all, and for the planet.

The shift toward sustainable and ethical practices in the dietary supplements industry reflects a growing concern for environmental impact and ethical implications. Consumers prioritize supplements with reduced carbon footprints, driving demand for sustainable sourcing practices, responsible harvesting, and organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Brands are transparently sharing sustainability efforts, responding to regulatory developments and consumer expectations. Kemin actively works to decrease carbon emissions, increase renewable energy use, and adopt sustainably sourced ingredients, aligning with industry initiatives for fair wages, safe working conditions, and ethical treatment of workers. Click here to learn more about Kemin's sustainability journey. 

The Future of Nutraceuticals Looks Promising

As the nutraceutical sector continues to grow, fueled by an aging population and increased research, cost-effective solutions will drive demand. Consumers, educated and standards-driven, prioritize sustainable, safe, and multi-benefit solutions. Miguel Martinho, Kemin's Global Strategic Marketing Manager, notes, "Consumers explore innovative health solutions while valuing contributions from medicine and science, presenting significant opportunities for health-promoting ingredients and technologies." The evolving expectations offer immense potential for the nutraceutical industry to impact people's quality of life positively.

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