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Introducing SHIELD® V Plus Dry: Baking Innovations for fresh and mould-free Delights

Posted September 28, 2023

In the competitive world of the bakery industry, maintaining product freshness and extending shelf life are ongoing challenges. However, an innovative solution committed to effectively and naturally addressing these concerns has emerged.

Kemin proudly introduces SHIELD® V Plus Dry, a cutting-edge solution, composed of buffered vinegar and botanical extract, that significantly inhibits mould growth in cakes while delaying its formation in tortillas, flatbreads as well as sauce and dips.

Over the past few years, the trend of celebrating various types of special occasions, successes, or any festivals, such as birthdays, weddings, marriage anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, pet’s birthday, work anniversary, Mother’s Day, and children’s day, has been growing significantly across the globe.

Consumers have been increasing spending on purchasing occasion-specific cakes, which is expanding the market scope. The global cake market size was valued at USD 42.94 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% from 2020 to 20271.

Cake Market trend 2016-2027

1Cake Market Size & Share | Industry Report, 2020-2027 | Grandview Research

A Breakthrough in Mould Inhibition:

SHIELD V Plus Dry represents a leap forward in the quest for mould inhibition in bakery products. By harnessing the power of buffered vinegar and botanical extract, manufacturers can now benefit from a consumer-friendly option that not only preserves product quality but also lengthens shelf life without compromising on sensory attributes.


Buffered Vinegar- The Key to Natural Preservation:

At the heart of SHIELD V Plus Dry lies the remarkable preservation properties of buffered vinegar. Since a long time, vinegar was recognized as a natural antimicrobial agent, but its application in bakery products was limited due to potential sensory alterations. However, through innovative buffering techniques, SHIELD V Plus Dry preserves the antimicrobial efficacy of vinegar while offering a balanced flavour profile.

Buffered Vinegar Solution

Botanical Extract- Uncompromised Sensory Attributes

One of the unique advantages of SHIELD V Plus Dry is its ability to maintain sensory attributes in bakery products. This carefully selected plant-based compound, complementing the power of buffered vinegar, allows manufacturers to deliver the same delightful taste, texture, and aroma that consumers crave, while significantly extending the product's shelf life. With SHIELD V Plus Dry, there is no need to sacrifice quality for longevity.

Heat Stability for Versatile Application:

Recognizing the diverse requirements of bakery operations, SHIELD V Plus Dry has been carefully formulated to ensure heat stability. This means that it can be seamlessly incorporated into various baking processes without compromising its mould-inhibiting properties. Whether it's cakes, tortillas, or flatbreads, SHIELD V Plus Dry stands strong against moulds while maintaining the product's integrity.

person eating cupcake


With the launch of SHIELD V Plus Dry, the bakery industry has gained an innovative solution to combat mould growth and extend the shelf life of bakery products with natural sourced ingredients. By combining buffered vinegar with the botanical extract, this groundbreaking product opens new doors for manufacturers seeking to meet consumer demands for longer-lasting, high-quality bakery items.

Embrace the power of SHIELD V Plus Dry and enhance your bakery business, offering to consumers products that stay fresher for longer, while preserving their sensory experience. It's time to unlock the potential of natural mould inhibition and elevate your bakery products to a new level of excellence.

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