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Employee in the spotlight: Arianna Campagnaro

Posted February 08, 2023

Say hi to Arianna, our new Regulatory Affairs Associate. This Italian lady works since early 2022 for our company and has a wide variety of tasks. She has a Master Specialized Translation at the University of Bologna, with main languages English, Russian and Portuguese. After her studies she immediately started off working in the food industry. More in particular: for a consulting company focusing on food labelling targeting final consumers. When this company was acquired by a multinational, she started working as an International Food Regulatory Expert. For nine years she discovered the wide world of foodstuffs export, from recipe formulation to label compliance. She had to deal with the relevant legislation of several destination countries, both in and outside the EU. Or in other words: this was for her the ideal base to perfect her regulatory skills.

Arianna Campagnaro



Name: : Arianna Campagnaro

Nationality: Italian

Job title: Regulatory Affairs Associate


Can you tell us more about your job at Kemin? What does it involve?

Well, my job duties are very varied. As a specialist in translations, I’m involved in a broad variety of activities. I’m responsible for the setup and management of the Kemin product portfolio in the company ERP system. Next to that I create the legal documents related to our products. Read: specification sheets and labels. When customers request regulatory statements, I will issue them. Furthermore, I participate in product innovation products with a particular focus on product positioning. For custom clearance documents, I’m also the go to contact. I review company marketing material, follow-up on legislative updates … In a nutshell: it never gets boring here!


Kemin is a huge global company, with a local approach. What do you like best about your employer?

The fact that Kemin is a global company with lots of different departments is very interesting. Every day I can communicate with colleagues of different departments and regions. This broadens my overview of all the different tasks around the company's scope of work. I like the training opportunities Kemin has to offer too. I love continuously improving myself: so I can gain more knowledge about certain topics, to optimize my skillsets and to grow professionally.


Do you already have a favourite Kemin segment or product?

If I must choose one, I will pick RUBINITE™ GC Dry. This innovative blend, developed by our R&D team, eliminates the need for nitrites in emulsified cooked meat products. It was one of the first challenges I was involved in when I started working for Kemin. The further potential applications of this patent-pending solution and the growing focus on label-friendly solutions, makes it such an interesting product. I absolutely loved defining the product positioning and labeling, as well as discussing the marketing material for its launch together with my colleagues.


What particular challenges do you face in your daily work?

It’s a multinational organization, so the main challenge is to match the legal provisions with both the company’s and the customers’ needs by adopting a business-oriented approach. This is often complex. But it makes my job dynamic and exciting as well: it often leads to facing issues from a fresh perspective. Which is good practice to improve my problem-solving skills!


How do you like spending your time outside of work?

I’m a very passionate chef, especially when it comes to preparing cakes and desserts. I love to get experimental and try out new recipes. My family and friends are my delighted guineapigs to taste my creations. When I’m not working my magic in the kitchen, you can find me rock climbing, both indoors as outdoors, and practicing yoga. In conclusion I love to travel as well. My inner explorer loves to discover new places whenever possible!