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Vibrell™ C

Thermostable and bioavailable vitamin C

Vibrell™ C (L-ascorbic acid-2-phosphate), a reliable source of ascorbic acid with high thermo-stability in varied aqua feed processing and storage conditions. 

Vitamin C – A vital nutrient but lacks thermostability

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is essential for immunity enhancement, metal/ion detoxification, improved health and growth, improved collagen synthesis, and improved stress resistance. However, free ascorbic acid is volatile as it is sensitive to heat and air exposure. Even at ambient temperature, up to 80% of the supplemented free-ascorbic acid loss will happen during processing and storage.

Vibrell™ C – A thermostable source of vitamin C

Vibrell™ C, a Kemin proprietary formulation, is a rich vitamin C source, an essential ingredient for aquafeed. It plays a vital role in the growth and physiological functions of the species. We utilize L-ascorbic acid-2-phosphate, which is highly resistant to oxidation. It also makes Vibrell™ C a thermostable and bioavailable aqua feed.

Vibrell™ C Technical Download 

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Water Solubility of Vibrell™ C

Vibrell™ C contains a minimum of 35% phosphorylated ascorbic acid with sodium calcium salt produced by the esterification reaction between the unstable L-ascorbic acid group (hydroxyl on enol) and phosphate, thus improving stability. It is highly water-soluble and compares favourably with most competing brands. 

Thermostability of Vibrell™ C

Compared with coated and uncoated ascorbic acid, feed extrusion trials have shown high ascorbic acid recovery in Vibrell™ C. The retention of the product after pelleting was more than 96% at 90°C and more than 86% at 120°C, indicating that its use would be advantageous compared to unprotected ascorbic acid. 


  • Highly soluble - Enhanced solubility ensures high quality of water and thereby bringing about efficiency in vital processes
  • Highly bioavailable – Ensures optimum active effectiveness of the aquafeed
  • Thermostability during feed storage, stable at pelleting and extrusion temperatures
  • Relatively low leachability – Assists in eliminating harmful constituents in the water


  • Provides thermostable and bioavailable ascorbic acid
  • High stability ensures the nutritional value of feed at a lower cost
  • Enhances immune status and resistance to stress
  • Facilitates collagen synthesis and wound healing
  • Helps in increasing the overall yield

Instructions for Use

  • For fish feed, apply 150 - 700 grams per metric ton of feed
  • For shrimp feed, apply 700 - 1800 grams per metric ton of feed
  • Presentation - 25 kg bag 


All life is interconnected.

Kemin AquaScience™ is working towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for the future. As we strive to leave a sustainable planet while balancing the need to cultivate animal and aquatic products at scale, we rely on our research to develop organic products that help achieve the balance. By infusing Vibrell™ C in aquaculture, formulators can supplement vitamin C, an essential nutrient for shrimp and fish growth. Its thermostability improves vitamin C retention even after intense temperature conditions in pelleting and extrusion. Improved water solubility, thermostability and bioavailability ensure enhanced nutritional value of feed at a lower cost.

What's more, we deliver our products along with all essential services – engineering application, laboratory testing, and onsite technical support.

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