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Health Management

Improving health conditions is vital for the survival of aquatic species. Some aquatic species, such as crustaceans, lack a well-developed immune system and require natural solutions to protect them from disease challenges. Kemin offers products for antibiotic and residue-free aqua production, which will help enhance the immunity of aqua species and improve survival, designed to result in better economic returns. Kemin’s product offering for health management includes:

  • Essential oil and organic acid-based products to improve the gut integrity, optimize the gut microbiota and reduce the disease occurrence by controlling pathogenic microbes in the gut.
  • Algal beta-glucan to enhance the immunity of aquaculture species and thereby improve survival and disease resistance.

Health Management Products


Revive the gut



An immune booster


Vibrell™ C

Thermostable and bioavailable vitamin C



Multifunctional phytogenic-based feed additive


Farm Environment

Good pond management is key for profitable production. Kemin has developed its expertise to provide on-farm environmental solutions for both water and soil to overcome a number of hurdles and optimize the growth, performance and survival of aqua species.

Many factors contribute to the water and soil quality of fish and shrimp farms, including increased ammonia and nitrates, increased Vibrio load, mortality and decreased performance, settlement of uneaten feed, formation of sludge and more.

Accumulation of ammonia in pond water increases fish and shrimps’ susceptibility to disease and can be toxic for both. Kemin offers a natural, biodegradable ammonia binder containing active ingredients capable of inhibiting enzyme urease and regulating the ammonia levels in pond water.

Pond water can have a direct effect on the wellbeing of aquaculture species, ultimately leading to stress and disease.

  • Kemin provides a highly bioavailable product containing both macro minerals and trace minerals that helps to facilitate complete molting and prevent soft shelling, all while improving phytoplankaton.
  • Turbidity causative factors, such as suspended particles and harmful algal bloom, can affect the transparency and overall water quality of the pond. With a combination of natural silicates and patented plant compounds, Kemin’s product can optimize the water clarity and algal bloom in pond water.



Farm Environment Products


Balanced mineral mix for shrimp culture systems



Potent Probiotic Strains with Unique Cellulolytic Enzymes for Water and Soil


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