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Dietary lipids play an essential role in the development and growth of the aquatic animals. They are the primary source of energy and essential fatty acids.

Aquatria™ is a synergistic combination of active ingredients (lysophospholipids, monoglycerides, synthetic emulsifier, butyrates), assisting aquatic species to improve the nutrients absorption and intestinal health, thereby promoting the growth performance of aquatic animals. 


  • Aquatria™  is Lyso-phospholipids based nutrient absorption enhancer;
  • Improves digestibility & absorption of fats and other nutrients (proteins, pigments, vitamins, etc.);
  • Excellent stability at aquatic feed extrusion condition
  • Patent-pending formulation specially designed for aquatic animals
  • Accelerates micelles formation
  • Facilitates intestinal villi growth
  • Dedicated value-adding service including Customer Laboratory Service


  • Saves feed cost by partially substituting nutrients (fat and energy)
  • Improves growth performance and reduces FCR
  • Enhances intestinal health with optimized resistance to pathogens

Instructions for Use

  • For aqua feed: 0.5-2 Kg/ton of feed


Aquatria™ Technical Download 

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Kemin AquaScience™

Kemin is a market leader with an established safety record and the regulatory approvals necessary to provide quality products to aqua feed and feed ingredient customers. Our rigorous quality control and regulatory approach demonstrate our commitment to safety, sustainability, and science. We've been developing solutions for the animal production industry since 1961, and we're ready to turn our focus on research and innovation in the aquaculture industry, providing dedicated resources to help our customers better manage their challenges and achieve profitable production:

  • Technical Service Team: A dedicated team of aquaculture experts to discuss with you how to successfully implement our products most effectively. This team of experts serves as liaisons between our laboratories and sales teams worldwide, providing ongoing support and information on key topics like market trends, product efficacy, shelf-life, inclusion rates, product recommendations, and protocol development.
  • Customer Laboratory Services (CLS): A dedicated team of scientists working on your side helps you identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. Our dedicated analytical laboratory team can test potentially harmful agents like mold and share valuable knowledge to enable customers to improve quality and overall performance.
  • Kemin Application Solutions (KAS): Comprised of trusted, reliable engineers, the KAS department has years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients. KAS engineers are dedicated to designing application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, training, and maintenance. We'll assist you in applying these products to your specific system for the highest success rate.


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