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Multi-strain probiotic for shrimps and fishes ponds

Prozyta™, a Kemin AquaScience™ brand, focuses on cultivating healthier species by enabling organic decomposition of waste such as uneaten feed, dead algae, excreta, outer shells from fishes, and shrimps leading to the formation of sludge and demonstrated competitive exclusion effect against pathogens in aquaculture farms . Prozyta™ is available in two variants - Prozyta™ Aqua and Prozyta™ Fish. The brand creates a healthier environment for fishes and shrimp by decomposing these wastes naturally. The product contains probiotic strains and is safe for the pond environment.

Prozyta™ Aqua

Prozyta™ Aqua is a combination of probiotic strains, including Kemin's patented strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6, Bacillus pumilus,  Saccharomyces cerevisiae and cellulolytic enzymes to control Vibrio sp. and promote degradation of organic sludge effectively in an aquaculture system. This multi-strain probiotic comprising of three beneficial microorganisms that induce anti-Vibrio activity, promote degradation sludge, and and is effective ate a wide range of salinity. 


Prozyta™ Aqua Technical Download 

To learn more about Prozyta™ Aqua download the product sheet.

Prozyta™ Aqua Information

  • Contains a combination of potent probiotic strains to degrade sludge and maintain water quality
  • Includes a unique set of cellulolytic enzymes that breaks down complex molecules in the sludge
  • Can work across a wide range of water with different salinity levels
  • Tested safe for aqua animals, as well as consumers
  • Promotes sustainability and reduce usage of antibiotic in aquaculture

  • Plays a vital role in maintaining water quality to improve shrimp production and maintenance
  • Improves Shrimp performance through the combined working of enzymes and probiotic strains
  • Remove or dissolves uneaten settlement of feed in aquaculture and halts the anaerobic decomposition
  • Introduces a comprehensive Vibrio inhibition capability through competitive exclusion and production of antibacterial compounds

  • Prozyta™ Aqua can control shrimp farms' exposure to increasing ammonia, nitrate, and BOD caused by the accumulation of uneaten feed, excreta, and molting shells of shrimps.
  • During Shrimp culturing, sludge and uneaten feed are generated and settle as a waste in culture system. Prozyta™ Aqua enables the controlled decomposition of the sludge and improves water quality for better shrimp yield.
  • As demand for shrimps for human consumption increases, there is a need to balance between productive yield improvement and elimination of harmful substances from the farm. Prozyta™ Aqua is safe and does not compromise consumers' health.
  • Usage of Prozyta™ Aqua also helps to reduce anaerobic decomposition in culture systems.

Prozyta™ Fish

Prozyta™ Fish is a multi-strain consortium of probiotic strains, including Kemin's patented strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6 and Bacillus pumilus. It improves the water quality and degradation of organic sludge in the fishponds.


Prozyta™ Fish Technical Download 

To learn more about Prozyta™ Fish download the product sheet


Prozyta™ Fish Information

  • Maintains the optimal bloom and water quality level of fish culture systems
  • Helps prevent the formation of toxic gases, such as ammonia, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide by decomposing the deposited organic sludge at the bottom of the fish ponds
  • Inhibits the presence of pathogens through competitive exclusion and the production of antibacterial compounds
  • Helps in degrading dead fish and other organic pollutants present in the aquaculture system

  • Enables the improvement of water as well as soil quality in fish ponds
  • Helps in decomposing degradation of sludge and organic matter that settle in the aquaculture systems
  • Maintains an optimal quantity of plankton population in the fish ponds
  • Helps in reducing the toxic wastes and gases, such as ammonia, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide in the aquaculture systems
  • Boosts the health of the live fish by degrading the dead fish pollutants in the water
  • Enhances the health, survival rate, and performance of fish in aquaculture systems

The health of fishes in an aquaculture system depends on the quality of water and soil in the point. A right aquaculture environment should be devoid of toxic gases, clean water rich in nutrients, and free from organic pollutants resulting from dead fishes and pathogenic growth.

  • In aquaculture systems, deterioration in water quality leads to increased fish death rates. ProzytaTM Fish offers much-needed probiotic strains to improve the water quality and supplement the nutrients to keep the fish population from declining.
  • Achieving the balance of controlling water quality and keeping aquatic animals safe and healthy for human consumption can be complicated.  Through intense research, Kemin has developed ProzytaTM Fish to provide aquaculture systems with the right dose of strains and keeps them safe for human consumption.
  • ProzytaTM Fish helps maintain the water quality and degrades the sludge formation in the aquaculture systems, improving performance and survival rate.
  • ProzytaTM Fish does not introduce any  adverse effects on the fish as well as the consumer.

All life is interconnected.

Kemin AquaScience™ is working towards meeting the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for the future. As we strive to live in a sustainable life and balance the need to cultivate animal and aquatic products at scale. We rely on our research to develop core molecules that help achieve the balance. By infusing our proprietary formulations, farmers can improve the quality and yield of aquaculture farms to achieve a higher ROI. What's more, we deliver our products along with all essential services – engineering application, laboratory testing, and onsite technical support.

For more information about our products, consult a Kemin AquaScience™ technical expert